Woodford County High School, Woodford Green

I have found GCSEpod to be one of the most successful revision tools I have used so far. It is an incredibly useful revision tool, being concise, specific and genuinely entertaining. Not only has it broken down complicated topics, but it has made revision seem like a much shorter and less tedious process. I would certainly recommend this site to teachers and students alike.


Woodford County High School, Woodford Green

I'm really glad that our school invested in this as there aren't always any good resources online that are found in the form of videos. The main reason why I have used GCSEPod so much is due to the fact that I can learn and revise things at my own pace. Another reason why I use this resource is because it makes revision seem less tedious. I think GCSEPod is unique compared to other websites that provide revision aid as it's personal to you and is also very easy to use on a computer or on the app.


The Gilberd School, Colchester

Thought you might like to know, I had a revision session last night with a year 11. I started by congratulating him on a recent boost in mock grades which was notable because of the clear quality of revision he'd been doing - but then during the session, which lasted an hour and covered the whole breadth of the subject, he was able to educate me and everyone else on all sorts of fine detail that he'd remembered. Clearly his understanding has also increased and he was able to make connections between factors with ease. The secret? Listening to GCSE Pod on a paper round! As far as I can see so far this site is money well spent.

History teacher

Madani Girls School, Leicester

I would just like to say that your videos are a great help for me, especially considering that I am a visual learner. I think I can see a very evident difference in my grades when I revise from other sources to when I revise from your videos.

Tasneem Shahin

King James’s School, Huddersfield

The follow up calls are particularly useful as they give you time to ensure your short term objectives are met before your next call. I personally have found that they are invaluable, as you are able to bounce ideas off each other, plan out strategies together, and feedback to someone on your progress. It shows that GCSEPod are providing a continued service, not just selling a “product”.

Palwinder Kang, Head of ICT

Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy, Birmingham

Just a quick email to say thank you for all the support and help you have provided. I appreciate the time you took out for the termly meetings and liked to keep in touch to observe our progress so you can provided support as and when required. Once again thank you for providing a fast and reliable support/help and making the experience of using/setting GCSEPod positive/enjoyable.

Uzma Mahmood, VLE Manager & Technician

Droylsden Academy, Manchester

I knew GCSEPod had to be a crucial part of what we are doing - making a difference to every individual and changing lives! GCSEPod is the one and only product I endorse; it is a must for every school. The value versus impact is undeniably fantastic. It was a pleasure to work with the amazing GCSEPod team at BETT, where I was able to share the success of launching GCSEPod at two Academies and discuss the quality of the product and the outstanding customer service that GCSEPod deliver!

Michelle Johnson, Vice Principal and Future Leader

Wright Robinson College, Manchester

I was convinced I couldn't do Maths and it was really hard so I didn't even bother to make the effort but GCSEPod showed me that it wasn't as difficult as I thought. It has helped me 100%.

Jaci, Student

Aston Manor Academy, Birmingham

The weekend prior to the exam, I studied all of the relevant podcasts for the Additional Science module. I was so happy at the end of the paper as there wasn't a question I couldn't answer!

Ayan, Student

Longfield School, County Durham

GCSEPod is relevant and up to date for a large number of subjects. It promotes independent study and has encouraged me to set third party revision resources with complete confidence. It’s easy to install and intuitive to use for both staff and pupils.

Dave Hunton, Assistant Headteacher

Aston Manor Academy, Birmingham

Monitoring of students' usage is easy and very informative. We will be analysing pupils' downloading data against their exam results and we anticipate there to be a high correlation between podcast access and heightened grades.

Greg Williams, Assistant Head

British School of Ulaanbaatar

Helen Newies, the GCSEPod Subscriptions Manager, was able to answer every question and show us how GCSEPod could be implemented effectively at our school. I just wish all the companies I have to deal with were as efficient and knowledgeable as she was.

David Aitchison, Head Teacher

Wellingborough School

I was captivated by the detail it was able to provide on the individual topics of all my subjects. It’s a practical way of enabling me to access this knowledge through my iPod and is very beneficial as it allows me to continue my revision whilst at the gym.

Jack, student

Bewdley School, Worcs

GCSEPod have been an excellent, cost effective, addition to our learning resources. There is no doubt that this innovative tool has helped us to increase our overall results by a staggering 15%.

Geraint Thomas, Former Assistant Head

Dyffryn School, Neath and Port Talbot

GCSEPod has had an immediate impact upon the way in which our students have prepared for their examinations and the thoroughness of their revision

Cedric Burden, Deputy Head

The Priory Ruskin Academy

The pleasing thing was the massive increase we achieved in our 3 A/A* agenda which was 17% in 2011 and went to 25% in 2012. Ofsted were really looking at this figure and GCSEPod was a significant part of the strategy to raise this.

Mick Oliver, Assistant Headteacher

Aston Manor Academy

We're thrilled about the service. From the initial contact to GCSEPod’s continued advice and guidance, the support has been outstanding.  The setup process is swift and simple; GCSEPod provide everything necessary for students to access vital revision resources at the click of a button.

Greg Williams, Assistant Head

Bedford School

The informative and concise podcasts add an exciting dimension to students’ learning and the technology is already in their pockets, so why not use it?

Irfan H Latif, Former Deputy Head

East Midlands School

With the help of GCSEPod’s short podcasts, my Science grades have soared!

Grace, Student