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Access Education

Access Education

Did you know that now as part of Access Education we can help even more?

Access Education are the UK’s leading software provider for the education sector, delivering cloud-based solutions to help streamline your processes.

Working with over 9,000 state schools across the UK, and over 200 independent schools, Access Education provides leading school software solutions to meet the needs of senior leaders, teachers, parents, and students.

From career advice for secondary school students to budget monitoring systems for staff, and parental engagement solutions to HR & Payroll systems, Access Education is there to help schools both in the classroom, and out.

Access Education Budgets

Working with 1 in 2 academies and 1 in 3 maintained schools across the UK, Access Education Budgets is the leading education provider for school budgeting software, allowing schools to confidently prepare, monitor and control their budget.

Access Education Finance

Designed exclusively for the education sector, Access Education Finance was created alongside school finance managers and leading education figures to reduce administrative burdens in schools and improve financial visibility.

Access Education People & Payroll

Streamline your HR processes and ensure staff are paid accurately and on time with Access Education People & Payroll. With all your information in one place, it has never been easier to manage school staff, analyse critical trends, or create detailed reports, ensuring the success of your school or trust’s employees.

My School Portal

My School Portal is a powerful, intuitive system that connects parents and guardians through a single dashboard. It provides instant access to what really matters about their child’s education, while simplifying communication and reducing administration overheads for the school, academy or trust.

Career Guru

Access Career Guru is an interactive careers guidance platform for secondary school pupils in key stages 3-5. Complementing in-house career programmes, Access Career Guru provides a fun, personalised experience for pupils to explore the professional world at their own pace, all from the comfort of their computer screens.

Access Workspace for Education

The Access Education software suite is now brought together on Access Workspace, bringing all your school management software together into one place with single sign on.

Access Workspace for Education brings new functionality, including powerful communication and collaboration tools to increase engagement across teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, pupils, governors.

It provides insightful analytics across the full product suite and complementary apps that allow everyone to get what they need from the software, quickly and easily.

And because Access Workspace is the platform for all Access products and services, you can also take advantage of other areas of the business such as our hosting and facilities management services.