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Accessibility Toolbar

Learning and teaching technologies should enhance learning for everyone, and not limit access. We are committed to incorporating accessibility into our site to ensure that it is accessible for everyone. Watch the video or keep scrolling to find out more.

On our website you can click this icon on any device type to view our accessibility toolbar.

This will allow you to access the following tools, which can be layered to offer the most customisable experience possible.  Once chosen, the user’s selections will remain, even if they leave and return to the site, as long as they are using the same device.


By selecting the reading guide, a bar will appear on the screen which can be dragged to any location using the computer’s mouse.   This guide provides a guideline of what part of the page a person is reading.


By selecting the reading mask, the screen will be masked out apart from a horizontal gap (a “letterbox”) where the user’s curser is hovering.  This letterbox allows the user to focus their attention on the part of the web page they are working on and eliminate distractions from the rest of the webpage which may be inhibiting their concentrating.  For example, this can be particularly supportive for users with ADHD.

The reading mask can be set to “hard” (total black mask) or “soft” (a partially transparent mask where the rest of the screen can be partially seen to support with orientation.


The user can select from high contrast, high saturation, and monochrome colour options.  For example, these can be particularly supportive for those with a visual impairment.


We offer 6 fonts, two of which are specifically designed to support users with dyslexia.  Fonts can be changed at any time and will change all the font of the navigation on the website as well as the font used within exam and test questions.


The user can customise the font size which will persist as they navigate around the site, making all text on the site clearer and easier to read.


By selecting this tool, all clickable buttons and links of the site will be highlighted.  This can be particularly supportive for users with visual or cognitive impairments.


By selecting one of these options, the curser on screen will increase in size and change colour.  The curser will still change style based on hover, changing to a hand icon when hovering over links.


Users can select from nearly 100 languages.  All text on the screen will be translated except for any text which is embedded in images, for example a logo icon.  This accessibility tool utilises Google Translate.


Here the user can leave feedback on how we could further develop the accessibility options on the website.  Users can leave feedback anonymously or can leave their contact details if they wish to discuss their suggestions with a member of our team.   We are always delighted to better understand how users interact with our site and content so please do send your feedback in!

In addition, our video player contains accessibility tools. These can be accessed by tapping or hovering over the video when it is playing:


English subtitles are accessible on the majority of videos on our site.     Subtitles can be customised as shown below, including the font style, background colour, and font size and colour.


Users can change the speed of the video by selecting a playback speed ranging from 2x (two times faster) to 0.6x (almost half speed). 


The video can be expanded to full screen on any device. 


To support users who may not have reliable access to internet, we offer some resources (e.g. workbooks) in a PDF form, which can be accessed either online, offline, or printed.  For advice on accessibility when using PDFs, please find links below:

Get Adobe PDF Reader

Find out more about Adobe PDFs and accessibility

Online tool for converting PDFs to HTML

Reporting accessibility problems with this website

We’re always looking to improve the accessibility of Soundbitelearning websites. If you find any problems, contact:

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