An interview with English writer Nicola Worgan

We speak to our English writer Nicola Worgan, to hear how she approaches writing for us.

Nicola is Head of the English Department at a college, where the majority of her students are those who have failed GCSE English the first time round, and who are in need of an injection of enthusiasm to get them back on track for the grades they need.

“When they come to us I try to create a very different atmosphere for them. They often genuinely dislike English and they’ve resisted it for quite a long time. They don’t like the fact that they’re being effectively forced to resit it. So for me, when they get that moment where something sinks in that they’ve never understood before, a lightbulb moment, that’s my main teaching motivation.”

And yet teaching English was not on the cards for Nicola for a very long time. Indeed, it took a journey around the world and a TEFL course before she finally fell in love with teaching.

Nicola was a child with a voracious appetite for reading and her nose in a book at all times. English was always “her subject,” the one she excelled in, and she continued to hone her skills in an English degree at university. But she was adamant that she wouldn’t become a teacher, in spite of the commonly heard “You do English? Oh, so you’re going to be a teacher then.’”

“After I did my degree I didn’t really know what else to do,” she remembers, “Even though I had been resisting the idea of being a teacher, I had an interview to do a PGCE. They told me that I wasn’t ready for it. At the time I was absolutely enraged and incensed, and I couldn’t quite believe what they were telling me, but they were absolutely right. So I went off and did some travel and about 5 years after my degree I ended up doing a TEFL course in Barcelona. It was then that I fell in love with teaching rather than doing it because it was something that I felt I should do. So I did the full TEFL course, travelled around the world and then thought actually, it’s time to go home and make a proper career out of this.”

As well as encouraging lightbulb moments in her classes, another key motivation for Nicola’s teaching, and writing, is innovation. “Im not afraid to give things a go. I do a lot of reading around, and Drama is my second subject so I do a lot of that, getting kids to record themselves, or getting as much on the VLE in as many different ways as possible. I’m just trying to keep it as interesting as I can.”

This naturally led her to GCSEPod. She saw an advert in the TES looking for writers for our content, and thought she’d be a great fit. “I was looking for different ways to to keep my knowledge up to date. When you teach, you tend to teach the same texts or the same things all the time. I thought writing for GCSEPod would be quite a good way to keep my subject knowledge up to date and look at different texts.”

And has her writing inspired new teaching practices? “Yes! I’ve introduced some poetry that I wouldn’t necessarily have taught in the class, but because of writing about it I was able to incorporate that into my teaching” And moreover, she’s started to introduce her own audio learning into her classroom, recording herself and asking students to create their own recordings.

“I always say to my students that they’ve got to be actively involved in learning, really go in, and this is where audio and visual learning, as opposed to just highlighting in a textbook, really comes into its own. I think that active involvement is the absolute key, and that’s how I ‘sell’ the idea of audio-visual learning to my own students”.

Nicola’s passion for innovation in teaching has made her relationship with GCSEPod a perfect pairing. “I think the key has got to be that it makes revision or learning less arduous. The visuals in GCSEPod are a fantastic addition as well, because you’re hitting two of the main learning styles there. Students are receptive to different things in different ways, and little bits at a time is a really effective way to do that. I think it’s a really good thing.”

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“A real ‘no brainer’ – GCSEPod is a high quality resource for students which can be evidenced to have an impact on both progress and attainment for all ability levels. It represents extremely good value for money.”

Nick Howe, Assistant Head,
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“GCSEPod is an extremely high quality, cost effective and user friendly resource that has had clear and measurable impact in our Academy. The support given by the GCSEPod team is fantastic in all areas. Whether on their own device, or in the classroom, the resource is high quality and ever-developing! I would thoroughly recommend it!”

Dominic Howkins, Vice Principal,
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“Test Valley School initially subscribed to GCSEPod after securing some external funding. However, the impact has been so significant that we have now subscribed in our own right.”

Andrew Page, Deputy Headteacher,
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