Metacognition Pods

8th July 2019

These new Pods explain the different aspects of metacognition and how students can get to grips with knowledge retention. Covering interleaving to strengthen memory, retrieval practise to help students recall information and spaced learning to ensure the information sticks. These Pods will have your students understanding how to make the most of their time spent […]

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Case study: From GCSEPod student to becoming the Head of GCSEPod’s Student Ambassador Programme

4th June 2019

Overview Tom Hollins has GCSEPod to thank for helping him rise to the challenge of the Year 11 exams. And the 19-year-old was so impressed with how the learning and revision resource turned poor predicted grades into outstanding results day success, that he’s now become the Head of GCSEPod’s new Student Ambassador Programme, working to […]

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GCSEPod and Retrieval Practice

3rd April 2019

Retrieval practice is a highly effective learning technique focusing on how to efficiently retrieve information from long-term memory, significantly improving knowledge recall in exams!  By practising knowledge retrieval, it is possible to revise much more effectively. An important note to remember is to only use your long-memory for this technique. You can do this by […]

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Case Study: Revitalising students’ thirst for knowledge with GCSEPod

12th December 2018

Manor Croft Academy, West Yorkshire Overview The Academy has a firm foundation of strong pastoral care and ensures a climate for learning which is calm, well ordered, secure and focused on achievement and success. The results “”For us, GCSEPod perfectly fitted into everything we wanted to achieve.” Kion Nikoumaram, Head of Geography Manor Croft Academy […]

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