How GCSEPod helps to close the gender gap

20th July 2017

When it comes to studying, there’s a clear and widening gender gap in education – and it’s a global issue. According to an article published in the economist, this is down to 3 clear reasons:  Girls read more  Girls spend longer doing homework  Boys are “too cool for school” However, the introduction of GCSEPod has […]

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GCSEPod is for the year, not just for cramming!

12th July 2017

When GCSEPod was first launched back in 2011 it was adopted almost entirely as a GCSE revision tool to be used in the weeks immediately before examinations. Today, however, GCSEPod has become an integral part of many schools’ GCSE schemes of learning. With greater functionality than ever before, our platform is the ideal companion for […]

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Optimising GCSE revision resources: 3–5 minutes of quality, concise content

3rd July 2017

Here’s why short bursts of audio-visual learning are perfect for plugging knowledge gaps. With so many exams squeezed into a narrow window between May and June, the modern GCSE student must be organised if he or she wants to leave enough time to revise for each subject. To handle such tight time restrictions, pupils need […]

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Getting the most from GCSEPod

26th June 2017

Senior leaders from around the country share their best practice tips for getting the most from GCSEPod in the classroom and at home. More than 1000 schools now subscribe to GCSEPod. While some schools have tried our GCSE online study tool for the first time this academic year, others have now been utilising it for […]

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GCSE revision resources: reaching the low-on-confidence student

20th June 2017

A child who is confident in his or her ability to learn is a more engaged student on the whole. One of the key terms being used in directives from the Department for Education is “self-esteem” and the importance of instilling confidence in children. As teachers know, bad behaviour often stems from low self-esteem, which […]

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Revision approaches for GCSE English Literature

13th April 2017

English Teacher Nic Worgan, has a fantastic GCSE English blog with ideas, inspiration and resources for teachers and students. Nic says: “I firmly believe that ideas should be shared which was my motivation for starting this blog. Teaching English is difficult enough – who has time to reinvent the wheel? I love the thought of […]

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Progress 8 compliant curriculum

23rd March 2017

GCSEPod has been used in schools since 2010, delivering subject knowledge for a Progress 8 compliant curriculum. It helps the most able and the disengaged in equal measures. Data from across all of GCSEPod’s subscribing schools shows that our pods appeal across the board.  Some of the highest achieving students regularly download pods to boost […]

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How GCSEPod usage can impact Progress 8 results

16th March 2017

As GCSEPod’s Business Intelligence Manager, it’s my job to sift through the data and find those rare nuggets of insight. Recently, I’ve been investigating this year’s Progress 8 results in relation to GCSEPod usage. I want to share with you something extremely exciting that I’ve found. I looked at the number of Pods different schools […]

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