Cameron Parker

Cameron Parker is the leader of the younger generation: world-class youth coach and speaker. Cameron has spoken on stages both big and small across the UK and Europe educating and inspiring thousands of young people to level up their lives and upgrade their mindsets.

About Cameron


Schools Speaker Cameron Parker is the UK’s top motivational speaker, inspiring tens of thousands of individuals across the country.

UK’S #1

UK’s #1 schools speaker Cameron Parker inspires all around the UK. 80% of the work Cameron and his team do are in schools and colleges, supporting students on their educational journey. Cameron also runs motivational sessions in prisons, businesses, and universities, offering complete bespoke packages to ensure ultimate success and positive outcomes.


  • I dream BIG but start small.
  • Graduated from university, first in my family to do it.
  • Former Great Britain Lions American Football Player
  • Chasing my dreams, but I have lots to learn and a long way to go.
  • Lucky enough to have dyslexia and ADD, I use this to my advantage.
  • Reading and writing is now a huge part of my life.
  • Discussing inspiring ideas fascinates me.
  • Inspiring others is my passion.

Motivation & Mindset Webinar

GCSEPod has created something special for all teenagers across the world. We have invested in Cameron Parker and this exciting GCSEPod webinar – Motivation and Mind set. This will be the first of many webinars to come. It is online, you can participate from the comforts of your own home, and there won’t be any pressure as your identity will remain anonymous. Therefore the time is now to start taking responsibility and grasp this opportunity with everything you have.

In this 60 minute webinar you will find out how you can achieve the below using your GCSEPod subscription:

  1. How to prepare for the new school year, so that you can get the grades you deserve.
  2. How to get motivated, when you really can’t be bothered.
  3. How to bounce back from lockdown with confidence.
  4. How to use anxiety and stress to your advantage.
  5. How to use school, so that you CAN have the future you want.