GCSEPod helps MOunt Grace school improve progress

6th December 2017

Subscribing school Mount Grace are featured in this months Teach Secondary. They share their story on how GCSEPod has become an integral part of school life and has helped them improve progress. Click on the image below to see a full PDF of the feature. or more information on how GCSEPod could help your school […]

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New Lead Video

14th September 2017

Welcome to GCSEPod. The GCSEPod Lead is a hugely valuable role ensuring your school gets the most from its investment. Watch our video above to see what it entails.

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Feature List – How GCSEPod can work for you!

13th September 2017

Our login system is designed to get your students into GCSEPod as easily as possible. There’s no ‘school IDs’ to remember, no complicated logins – just a username and password that the users choose. With MIS integration and automatic student registration, the impact on your admin and IT teams is practically zero, leaving you to […]

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Help students retain more of what you teach

12th September 2017

Make sure what you teach your students actually stays in their minds.  These handy flyers show you how students can maximise their memory and ensure information is retained for longer. The first shows students how to review work over a monthly period to ensure they have really taken in what they need. The second shows […]

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Experimenting with digital learning tools: trying something different for the new school year

8th September 2017

The idea of trying to introduce new and innovative ideas and technologies into the classroom may sound like an appealing one. But how can teachers ensure that change equates to progress rather than a step in the wrong direction. At GCSEPod we are regularly asked about how integrating our learning resources into the classroom can […]

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