Callum Payne
SST Maidstone School

Callum works incredibly hard and is a superb, kind and fun colleague to work with; he is always completely “unflappable” even in an emergency. Our school is so lucky to have him work with us!

Ellesse Brook
Bury Church High School

I am nominating Ellesse for the everyday hero award because despite being an NQT with very little classroom experience due to Covid disruption, she has thrown herself into every challenge.

Mr Rainey
The Appleton School

Mr Rainey is my favourite teacher. He regularly gives me a chance when others don’t and always has a smile on his face and makes me enjoy school. I have never enjoyed school before his lessons and he has instilled in me the value of lifelong education.

Gillian Thompson
West Craven High School

Gillian consistently uses evidence based practice to draw out the best for all students, disseminates this with staff and strives to help improve the school above and beyond.

Charlotte Knowles
West Craven High School

Lottie finds the bright side of every situation, has a true passion for the students at our school and wants every single one to do their best. She brings sunshine everywhere she goes.

Lucy McLoughlin
Presfield High School

Lucy is the ‘go to’ person for so many of our amazing students and is always helping everyone to see things more clearly, giving them the boost of confidence that they just need at that time or being that listening non-judgemental ear that we all need at some point.

Anneka Hurst
Harris CofE Academy

Anneka is always friendly, positive and approachable and has welcomed me from my first day at Harris. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure her department are happy and feel valued and this has resulted in a team who work together to support each other in any circumstances.


Lizzy Gregory
Archbishop Tenison’s School

Lizzy joined up with chefs in schools at the beginning of the first lockdown and as a consequence 4500 meals were given out to our children and children from schools in the local community.


Tracy Brine
The Canons CE Primary

Despite whatever else she is going through personally Tracy ALWAYS has time for others. She always takes time to ask how you are. This caring approach that she exudes is applied to pupils and colleagues alike. She is much loved and respected.

Lynnette Beck
Beckfoot School

Officially, a SEND Administrator. She calms them when they need it. She rings them in lockdown when online learning is a bit overwhelming. She greets them in corridors with a smile and a chat about the weekend events. She is a positive force in our school; a relentless epicentre of optimism; she makes the biggest difference to those who need it most.


Lynne Hulford
Chatsworth Primary School

Lynne has relentless positivity, compassion, resilience and dogged determination to make a difference and does so with a constant smile on her face. Every morning, she welcomes children at the gate but she also notices the slow walk, the sad face, the shoes with a hole and takes action to make a difference to that’s child’s day or overall welfare.


Brian Evans
Q3 Academy Langley

The beating heart at the centre of our family is Brian Evans. No job too small, or too big, at any time of the day of night – we love Brian’s commitment, love of the students, and warmth of heart. We simply couldn’t function without him!


Amanda Leeming
Harris CofE Academy

Consistent selfless approach to leading Durham House, always putting the students first, going the extra mile to achieve positive outcomes, and is a pleasure to work with.


Liberty Jones
Harris CofE Academy

Consistent selfless approach to leading York House, always putting the students first, going the extra mile to achieve positive outcomes, and is a pleasure to work with. 

Lucy Forber
Co-op Academy

During the lockdowns Lucy organised virtual sessions for PSCHE and invited external speakers to also take part in these virtual sessions. Since our return, and still working in a blended virtual environment, Lucy has made sure that the physical barrier is broken down.


Chris Peirce
Harris CofE Academy

Chris Peirce works tirelessly to support others in the school.  During the pandemic, when many schools closed their doors to trainee teachers, he not only welcomed them and facilitated and provided their training, but he ensured that individually-tailored training and coaching was on hand to support every trainee as well as EVERY member of teaching staff.


Mark Currell
Roade Primary School

Mark goes above and beyond on a daily basis. He only ever thinks about others – the children, the staff, the parents, the community. Day in, day out they are his focus. He doesn’t think he does anything special, he doesn’t realise how important he is or the impact he has. He has led the school and community through the pandemic and has kept morale up.


Mr Gary Beasley
Northgate High School

He’s kind and caring and will always take time to listen. He always has the student’s interest at the forefront of his mind and spends time sorting out any issues and speaking with students. He can always be seen greeting his classes at the door with a great smile and has such a cheery personality in and out of the classroom. He is a great teacher and colleague and is deserving of recognition.

Mrs Julie Smith
Northgate High School

Julie is super organised and positive and extremely supportive of the whole department. She will always find a solution to a problem and tries to see the positive in every situation, using every opportunity as a learning experience.  Julie isn’t one to shout about what she does, she just gets on with things quietly and so she would be really surprised if she were to win this.

Avital Sharman
Kerem School

Avital is a phenomenal teacher who is a class based deputy. There is nothing that Avital won’t do and no one that she won’t help and support. 2 years ago my inclusion lead left mid year and having previously done this role, Avital took it on with all of her other responsibilities rather than dropping any of them.   She works non stop and is the most amazing support.

Joy Ingram
Arkholme CofE Primary

Joy is our headteacher and is truly inspiring. During the first lockdown she led her amazing team with a can do attitude and we even managed to reopen school to all children before the summer holidays. Throughout the first lockdown she kept all staff central to her thoughts and was always checking in on our well-being.


Alison Willday
The Castle Rock School

Miss Willday would say ‘I’m just a teacher’ but she’s not just a teacher. She’s our hero. She is tirelessly devoted to her students; she wants them to be the best they can be. Each morning she greets them with a smile and they can’t wait to see her. They feel safe with her. She cares. They know that.

Amanda Leeming
Harris CofE Academy

Amanda is relentless in how hard she works and the amount of time she spends dedicated to the students. Amanda is a kind soul who understands the importance of every childs voice. Over the 2021 Lockdown Amanda never once stayed at home and worked with all the vulnerable children, allowing them to forge such fantastic relationships with her.

Deb Barnes
Reflective School Support

Deb is passionate about inclusion and believes that Every Child Matters. She established Reflective School Support to support young people who are out of school, mainly those who have been permanently excluded but also those unwell or whose needs are not being met. She started off supporting 2 lads herself and now has 30 experienced teachers working with her supporting almost a hundred children at any one time.

Kirti Patel
Oakland School

As an SLT we’ve been stretched to support all families and children this year, and so people like Kirti have been essential. Personally, I value how she’s taken time to see how I’m doing. As a colleague, I love her clarity, rigour and absolute commitment to getting the best for our children. An exemplary teacher and MLT role model, Kirti is an everyday hero every day.


Anna McGuffog
The Gatwick School

Anna is our senco and she’s set up an amazing nurture provision in our school, not just for send children but for all ranges of nurture needs. I am exceptionally proud of Anna’s work here, and I know the children, parents and staff at our school are positively impacted by the work she is doing. On top of it all, she’s already pushing me on improvements she’s going to continue to make next academic year!

Teresa Jackson
John Spendluffe Technology College

I have worked alongside Teresa for 2 years now after never being in education before. I have learnt so much from her, she has showed me it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. Teresa fights for everyone and anyone and makes sure they are supported whole heartedly. She certainly deserves to be acknowledged for the AWESOME woman she is.

Darran Fiddler
Holbeach Primary Academy

Darran was excluded from our school as a child and has come back to work here as first as a teaching assistant and now a learning mentor and site manager. He is an everyday hero because of the difference he has made to our children. He connects with them as he has been there and he understands what they are going through. He makes them smile when they are sad.


Faye Edwards
Colchester Academy

Faye brings amazing energy to the school! She has a great relationship with adults and students and she will always go the extra mile to help and support everyone. Faye has been a rock during lockdowns, making sure that disadvantaged students are coping and collecting for the local foodbank. 



Emma Sutton
Varndean School

Emma is an inspirational school leader for our smaller school named Lennox after Annie Lennox. She recognises the small things about students and offers pastoral support such as tips for sleeping, anxiety and eating and creates a strong partnership between students, school and the families. No job is too big for Emma and because of this, Lennox students are outperforming other students in other school bases.

Debbie Feather
Furze Platt Senior School

She is so incredibly hard-working member of our support staff! Selfless and incredibly caring lady, who always goes the extra mile for our most vulnerable students! Nothing is too much trouble and she has a lovely motherly and nurturing nature. She always sees the positives in both hard/difficult situations and in people. I cannot think of a more deserving person for this fantastic Everyday Hero Award!

Freddie Gibert
The Holy Family Catholic School

Freddie does a great deal for the school community, both with her caring pastoral nature, which encourages students to be comfortable talking to her. Freddie has also directed her work towards creating a more environmentally friendly environment. She has established recycling stations and an environmental awareness group for students to join which has been popular and successful.

Jim Brown/John Matthews/Jan Sanderson
MHS School

Amazing Site team taking care of the school nothing too much trouble.


Graham Wright
Leeds City College Quarry Hill Campus

Graham never says ‘no’ and rises to any challenge including moving from Catering Manager to Chief of all things Covid Testing from 8th March when we reopened to students. I have never witnessed anything like it, with military precision he put a rota and staffing in place to test 2000 learners three times in order to get them back on campus and into class so they could continue with their studies. Sometimes the hero comes from supporting teachers and students to get back into the classroom and Graham did this wonderfully.

Nancy Lewis
Eltham Hill School

Nancy (exams officer) does an incredible job organising all students and staff for examinations. She has had to deal with a timetabling nightmare for in-house Yr11/13 assessment this summer but manages to keep her cool – calmly reassuring students and supporting them in the best possible way. She always forwards on any info she receives from exam boards and is always reliable, friendly and accommodating. Nancy really is the mother hen of the school who we all turn to in times of need!

Victoria Planner
Milford Haven

Victoria or Tor as we call her Is amazing! She comes in to work with a smile on her face every day. She always does her very best to try and help staff and pupils. With out her the School would not be the same.

Nicola Richardson
Colchester Academy

Nicola goes above and beyond with her year group. they are the hardest year in school. she makes time to listen to all of them, she organizes workshops with external agencies and delivers interventions in school. Nicola has only been at the academy for a year and has bonded with students and staff alike.


Kev Chatten
The Garibaldi School

Kev has worked tirelessly this year to make remote learning a success. Showcasing his amazing skills, sharing resources and new websites whilst at the same time, ensuring that those who struggle to adopt new technologies aren’t left behind. Staff and student wellbeing is at the heart of everything Kev does.  His positivity and enthusiasm for all things computing is infectious.  The students love him and the staff know they can always call on him for help.

Nancy Lewis
Eltham Hill School

Nancy (exams officer) does an incredible job organising all students and staff for examinations. She has had to deal with a timetabling nightmare for in-house Yr11/13 assessment this summer but manages to keep her cool – calmly reassuring students and supporting them in the best possible way. She always forwards on any info she receives from exam boards and is always reliable, friendly and accommodating. Nancy really is the mother hen of the school who we all turn to in times of need!

John Harris
Ashlawn School

John is the head of our Department, Team English. We have had many ups and downs, but when the down times have come, John has always been there to lift us up, and this is no mean feat with a department the size of ours. I am sure many of us would have fallen apart under the pressure. Work is a great place to come because of John and everything he has done for us. We feel lucky to have him.

Louise Holden
Holmfirth High School

Louise is our school Welfare Officer/School Nurse however, no job title could summarise her contribution and value to the school. Working at Holmfirth High for over 30 years, Louise has been the first point of call for countless students. She knows each student in her care personally, always goes above and beyond to help others and is loved by generations of the Holmfirth community. Louise truly is an Everyday Hero!


Jenny Turner
Milford Haven School

Jenny goes over and above to check in with everyone and make sure they are alright. She tries to encourage us all to put our well-being as a priority and sends us emails to check in on us.

Joanne Latham
Milfed Haven School

Joanne is amazing. During lockdown she was instrumental in organising food packages and delivering them to some of our families. She organised for child friendly cards to be made to encourage healthy eating, she managed to get the local farm shop on board and even sorted glass bottles to be used for refilling with fresh milk from the farm shop. She is the first in school in the morning and one of the last to leave. However she always has a smile on her face and a friendly word of advice. We would be lost without her.


Adam Henwood
Alderwood Senior School

Adam is our Cover Manager – it’s a role that means that in many schools, people dread talking to you! Nothing could be further from the truth – Adam’s impact on our community is enormous. He is brilliant at his main job but that’s not why I’m nominating him! Adam is always cheerful and positive; nothing is too much trouble for him. The pupils think the world of him because they know he really cares about them.

Caroline Kemp
Mayfield Grammar School

Caroline is the Deputy Head at our school and really keeps this place together. She works tirelessly every day to formulate plans, meet with colleagues and problem solve with little notice, all whilst being responsible for COVID protocols and testing. Even though she will not like anyone else to know it, her father has also been going through chemotherapy over the last 6-12 months. Regardless of what occurs in her personal life, she is still there for everyone else to depend upon.



Miss Hannah Bryant
Colchester Academy

Hannah is the Head of Year 7, she spends her own hard earned money on buying uniform for our less fortunate students, as well as this she buys doughnuts weekly and all the reward treats for the best forms etc. Hannah will spend a lot of time after school phoning parents and will stay until the school is shut just to make sure all the parents are Happy with their child’s education. she is kind and caring  and will always make time for the young students.

Roger Noyland
Lutterworth High School

Roger has provided unfaltering kindness, support and guidance writing endless risk assessments and carefully considering the individual needs and concerns of students and adults alike. Roger has given us all the privilege of feeling safe and secure in our school and has done so with a smile on his face and an inspirational dose of wit and charm. All this whilst battling his own health concerns.  We all agree that Roger would be our everyday hero!

Meral Incedal
Allsaints Catholic School

I am nominating Meral as our Everyday Hero as she is is always so positive towards both staff and students. She makes extra time to support students and regularly champions them helping them to achieve their full potential. Through her unwavering compassion her small acts of kindness help others to feel appreciated and cared for.

Tracy Foy
Westcraven High School

Tracy has done an amazing job leading the school during a very difficult period.



Tamzin Myatt
Colchester Academy

Tamzin is a sunny, positive person who lifts the mood of all surrounding her. She is a champion of our students, going above and beyond to ensure the best quality of education for all. She ensures understanding and pushes students for their best. She is a true everyday hero and champion for those who need it most. She strives for excellence and ensures equity – living our school values of resilience, excellence and respect in everything she does.

Martin Saunders
Chichester High School

Always happy, fun and light hearted. Good sense of humor.

Sharon Silver
Colchester Academy

This person always has the best interest of the students. Her kind and nurturing way over the year of working at the Academy has earnt her the respect and trust of staff, pupils and parents.

Mandy Collier
St Mary’s Menston Catholic Academy

Mandy is a dinner lady but despite whatever else is going on is always smiling and laughing. She can make light of any situation and cheers up everyone she meets.




Steve McKim
Ashlawn School

Steve is always positive and willing to listen. He does not judge and helps coach you through situations when needed. Throughout the lock down he was constantly exploring different ways to help boast staff moral from introducing staff wellbeing groups to tea and coffee for staff.

Andy White
Clayfields house

Andy offers support to everyone in every way. Be that in the form of general entertainment in the staff room (he’s always got a bad joke to tell), an encouraging word when needed, recognising and highlighting his students’ and colleagues’ achievements or always bringing in extra sandwiches in case anyone has forgotten their lunch.

Tara O'Halloran
Flixton Girls School

Tara is selfless…no matter how busy she is, she always has time for students and staff and because of this she is incredibly respected! Our school is lucky to have Tara, someone who has a clear moral purpose and a love for the profession. This hero does not wear a cape or a mask but if you ever need anything just give her a call and she will certainly be there for you!

Matthew Job
Dormers Wells High

Matthew is often the last person out at the end of the day, working hard to plan lessons that will change the way young people partake in society. Matthew inspires staff and students to recognise issues and take part in wider change impacting our school, the larger community and the national and global landscape. Students love him, and he brings a dash of colour with his K-Pop inspired clothing collections!




David Shackleford
Chichester High School

David keeps the building, staff and student safe on a day to day basis. He will always go the extra mile for the people who need it.

Emma Devine
Ashlawn School

Despite only recently entering the teaching profession, Emma is unfailingly cheerful. She is always enthusiastic about developing her skills and a pleasure to work with. She can always be counted on to help me see the silver linings in even the most tricky situations.

Bryan leece
Birkdale High School

Works tirelessly as a science technician and then runs an ‘animal club’ during lunchtimes and after school. The club acts as a safe haven for many students, particularly those struggling to return to school after lockdown due to anxiety. Lots of time and effort has gone into allowing the club to continue running under covid restrictions but it really is for the benefit of many vulnerable students.

Lisa Andrews
Framingham Earl High School

Lisa is a great role model– she makes sure she looks after herself so that she is strong enough to care for others.  Lisa’s a great bringer of biscuits and chocolates to meetings and always has a positive affirmation in times of need.  She really is our school’s everyday hero – however, she never accepts the praise for the work she does or the impact she has as says it’s just ‘who she is’ and ‘what life is about’.  Your help to say thank you would be fabulous!



Alley Harling
Ashlawn School

Alley is our Sixth Form Reveptionist and she singlehandedly runs the show! She always has a smile on her face and is so helpful and reassuring to students, parents abs staff alike. Every office needs an Alley.

John Ashworth
Sir Harry Smith Community College

This guy goes out of his way day in day out to ensure that all students receive the best education they can. his commitment to students goes way and above that of his normal teaching duties.

Elaine Crookes
Kirkby College

Our Deputy Headteacher, Ms Crookes, goes above and beyond for our students and works incredibly hard to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our students. Her positivity throughout lockdown was a huge source of reassurance for the staff. She is a fantastic, supportive colleague who always makes time for you.