Feature List – How GCSEPod can work for you!

simple login system

Our login system is designed to get your students into GCSEPod as easily as possible. There’s no ‘school IDs’ to remember, no complicated logins – just a username and password that the users choose. With MIS integration and automatic student registration, the impact on your admin and IT teams is practically zero, leaving you to get started.


The Dashboard is the first page staff and students see when they log in. It’s the main ‘hub’ for your users, from which they can access all areas of the site. It’s different for staff and students, and only shows the parts relevant for them. This way you know your students won’t get overwhelmed with irrelevant information!

my courses

My Courses is a library of pre-made exam playlists. Each of these corresponds to an individual exam, and contains all the Pods we have that are relevant to it. Your students choose the subjects they cover, and combined with your exam board settings, we’ll filter the exam lists they see. My Courses is great for keeping your students organised – especially those that struggle with self-directed learning – so all they have to concentrate on is the exams themselves.

browse content

We call our content ‘Pods’ – a format exclusive to GCSEPod: videos packed with relevant subject knowledge students can access on any device on, or offline at any time. At 3-5 minutes long they’re just the right length to hold the attention of a typical teenager! Finding the Pod you’re looking for is simple, because we’ve organised it! Our content is arranged by department, subject, topic, and then title; all with clear and easy to understand names.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to promoting GCSEPod to your teachers, students and parents. Having worked with hundreds of schools over the years, we’ve collected all the best ideas and resources for our subscribers to use for free. Pick and choose from tons of pre-made resources and strategies that have a track record of working in other schools.

search box

If you’ve got a particular Pod or topic in mind, our search box will help you find it. Just enter the word or phrase you’re looking for, and any matches will be displayed for you.

exam board settings

At the click of a button, you can make sure your students only see Pods relevant to them. This will help them keep focused on the areas important to them. Choose the exam boards you teach for each subject, and all the other irrelevant stuff will be banished from sight with zero mess or confusion. You can change this at any time, so if you do change exam board, it’s just a switch that needs flicking.

boost playlists

Boost Playlists are our automatic knowledge gap identification tool. When a student completes an assignment, not only will they receive a detailed report on their strengths and weaknesses, but will also receive an automatically generated playlist, filled with content relevant to their weakest areas. With a minimum of effort, they help refine individualised support right down to a micro level, giving them control of their own learning whilst helping you develop precisely focused intervention and freeing you up to do what you do best – teach.


The Assignments section is where you come to set and mark homework, class tests, or other assignments for your students. Give them Pods to watch, ask them questions, and return marks and feedback all on the same platform. You can write free-text or multiple-choice questions – the multiple-choice Questions even mark themselves! Let us do some of the tedious admin for you, so you can focus on interventions.

questions bank

With tens of thousands of questions from GCSE teachers across the world to choose from, the Question Bank lets you build an assignment in seconds through GCSEPod. When you pick a playlist of Pods to watch for an assignment, all the questions relevant for those Pods are available to you. Your exam board settings also filter this list, so you won’t get questions on irrelevant content. You’re free to edit the questions as much as you like, or drop them in as-is: whichever is easier for you.


No doubt you’ll already have some great topic resources material you’ve painstakingly created and collected over the years. Extras provides an opportunity to integrate these with GCSEPod (for your students only) meaning everything they will need is in one place. It’s also a great way of extending higher attainers’ knowledge and to encourage them to look beyond what they NEED to know with open end and research tasks. Attach pictures, videos, web links or past papers to a Pod, and your students will have everything you think they’ll need all in the same place.

manage groups

Manage Groups is a tool to help organise your students into classes, form groups, year groups, or any other custom group you can think of – perhaps FSM/EAL groups that you’d like to monitor closely. With MIS integration, we automatically import the three mentioned here, but you’re free to add more. It’s simple to set up intervention groups to track and monitor progress, provide evidence for your self-evaluation form and measure return on your investment in GCSEPod.

usage reporting

Track and monitor engagement with GCSEPod with the simple and easy to use tools we’ve created. These are based largely on feedback from real subscribers about what they need to see. It’s visual and user-friendly, but packed with figures and easily exportable information. You can see usage data on an individual and group level, making it easy to identify students who may need additional intervention. You may even be surprised by just who is using GCSEPod – our schools often comment how pleasing it is to see difficult to engage students benefitting from the opportunity to learn privately, at their own pace and in their own space.


My Playlists gives quick and easy access to any playlists that you or students have created, along with any Boost Playlists produced for them. Just like with iTunes or Spotify, you’re free to combine any Pods on the site to make your playlists, so they can be as targeted or as diverse as you like. We’ve also built functionality for sharing playlists, so your students and staff can share anything they make with each other.


Every Pod on the site has a star icon next to it, which means it will be added to your ‘favourites’ playlist. This is a simple and easy way to make a playlist, because you can build it as you explore content through the site.


All our content is downloadable. Each Pod is about the same size as a song you might get from iTunes, so a modern smart-phone could hold thousands of them at once. My Downloads lets your students watch our Pods any time, any place, with or without internet access. This could be on the bus, the train; wherever and whenever they have time and it suits them to study.

Question Level Analysis

Every assignment you set will generate a Question Level Analysis (QLA) summary. This puts all the information about a completed assignment on a single page for you, helping you analyse progress. You can see at a glance what was set, what marks each pupil got, and what the average mark for each question and student was. All this information is exportable as well, so you can easily incorporate the results into your mark-book.

For more information about any  of our features listed here or find out how GCSEPod could work in your school please contact us on 0191 338 7830 or by filling in our contact form.


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Want to know more?

“100% of our year 11 students achieved at least 5 GCSEs at grades A*-C.

82% achieved at least 5 GCSEs including Maths, English and/or Welsh at grades A*-C. An impressive 27% of grades were at A* or A compared to the national average of 19.4%.

We strongly believe that GCSEPod has played an important role in improving the outcomes for some of our pupils. Indeed, some of our top users exceeded their target grades in many areas and have now returned to the sixth form to continue their studies at A level.”

Diane Evans - Assistant Head Teacher,
Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteif

There is a very clear correlation between the subjects with the most pronounced raises in attainment (English Literature, Chemistry, Biology and Physics) and those that had the highest GCSEPod usage.

In addition, the student with the highest GCSEPod usage was also our highest achiever.

Because there has so clearly been an impact on the departments that utilised GCSEPod effectively, we will be looking to increase the use of GCSEPod across the school in coming years.”

Andrew Ost - Deputy Head,
Fort Pitt Grammar School

“We’ve used GCSEPod for a year and the results speak for themselves!

Not only did we see a rise in headline measures across the board with our highest user of GCSEPod gaining 7A* – but the students and their parents love it!

It’s fun, user friendly, and easy to use in a variety of ways – on a mobile device, in school, at the heart of our mentoring and intervention strategies, for flipping learning, and to deliver positive engagement that parents can see. Plus we’ve only just scratched the surface!”

Dominic Howkins - Vice Principal,
Ormiston Sudbury Academy


Don’t just take our word for it. GCSEPod has gained huge recognition since our initial launch in 2010 and we continue to pick up industry awards along the way. We’re constantly listening to the schools that use GCSEPod and learning how we can best support teachers and students in times of change. Contact us to tell us your goals for the next year and discuss how we can be a part of your school improvement strategy.

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