(One Time Webinar Special with Guest Hosts Vicky Gardiner-Earl & Emma Slater)

Supporting the recovery curriculum

Lead Practitioner Vicky Gardiner-Earl and English Consultant Emma Slater discuss how to use blended learning. Learn how to maximise impact, reduce your workload, and power your English blended learning strategy in this one hour webinar.

Webinar Overview

As we move into this new era of blended learning and digital pedagogy,
Vicky and Emma will focus on highly practical advice and tips.

Vicky Gardiner-Earl

Vicky is a highly experienced English teacher, Educational Consultant, and author for GCSEPod’s new Achieve English Check & Challenge assessment.

Emma Slater

Emma Slater has been newly appointed as GCSEPod’s Publishing Director, following her career as a consultant and coach working with English teachers, and as a PiXL Associate.

Taking four real-life student examples, all of different attainment levels, they’ll look at how to use GCSEPod to:

  • develop a student-focused approach to blended learning
  • reduce cognitive load whilst using blended learning for teaching English
  • diagnose and identify gaps in learning and help inform planning
  • support classroom learning (pre-teaching and consolidation)

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to the three of you for such an informative and interesting webinar . It felt supportive and nobody was patronising; it was great to feel like a team!  I’ve struggled with my confidence over the years and felt a bit stuck in a rut in terms of my teaching but the tips and ideas I have taken from the session have been a real boost and I can’t wait to try some different approaches.”

Sarah, Sirius Academy