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Check and Challenge is a unique assessment system that not only evaluates students’ knowledge and understanding, but also provides scaffolded support via hints, multiple choice options and feedback statements, to aid actual learning and retention. With a range of question difficulties, including questions designed to challenge even the most able students, and automated marking and student feedback, it provides teachers with valuable insights into student strengths and weaknesses.

“Check and Challenge – this is brilliant, it’s a game changer.”

Dave Nichols – Snaith School

Formative Diagnostic Assessment

Where other resources focus on students answering question after question, our formative diagnostic assessment takes it to the next level. It’s more like giving every student a coach to help them navigate the answers; a personal academic coach providing scaffolded support. It’s suitable for students of all abilities and covers the full 1-9 range. Take a look…

For teachers, Check & Challenge provides formative diagnostic GCSEPod assessment with meaningful and actionable feedback. The students do all the work while you focus your time on the areas that really matter and accelerate progress.

Education assessment consultant Dr Sue Stothard explains what sets GCSEPod’s ‘Check & Challenge’ formative diagnostic assessment system apart…

There are many assessment tools out there to help students practise answering multiple choice questions, but the quality can be highly variable. The GCSEPod Check & Challenge system utilises questions written by subject experts, with incorrect options specifically designed around common mistakes and misconceptions students often display in the course of the exam.

Key to the system is the feedback students receive. When answering a question incorrectly, they will be shown a brief explanation of why they were wrong. We wanted a system that would replicate the type of support a student might receive from a personal coach or home tutor which is why students also receive feedback when they are correct.

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