Here’s how GCSEPod can help to get parents and teachers on the same page without placing extra pressure on students.

GCSEPod is the UK’s leading provider of short, 3-5 minute quality assured videos, or ‘Pods’, which are bespoke to all major exam boards for 27 GCSE subjects as well as NCFE vocational qualifications. Combined with data analysis, assessments and identification of knowledge gaps, learners can improve outcomes while their teachers and tutors save precious time.

As a teaching resource, the platform enables homework to be set in an efficient and engaging fashion, whilst making it possible for parents to track assignments. Parents may simply log in to their child’s account to see what work is being set, how they are managing their workload and how frequently they are viewing Pods to help support their classroom learning.

This not only acts as a measure of how diligent a child is being in studying the pods but may also highlight areas where a student is struggling – particularly if they feel the need to watch the same Pod again and again.

Take a look at our parents’ guide on how GCSEPod can help your child:

Through GCSEPod, parents are empowered to lend their assistance during independent study time. Monitoring their child’s account also helps them to attend parents’ evenings armed with the right questions and points for discussion, based on a realistic understanding of how their child is faring.

Often, the discussion can be as simple as agreeing between parent and teacher that a student should be encouraged to view their Pods at a certain time for greater impact – perhaps before an evening meal or before 9pm rather than at 10.30pm when they should be winding down to sleep.

We can never underestimate the power of parents and we were keen to ensure that our parents understood how GCSEPod works and how it could benefit their children.

Ben Cheeseman

Assistant Head, Rednock School

Through a dedicated parent revision session, Rednock School, like many of the schools that subscribe to GCSEPod, took the time to explain to parents how the technology worked and how it would be rolled out in classroom, homework and exam revision environments. Rednock School has even included GCSEPod presentations at parents’ evenings.

At GCSEPod, we offer a raft of resources to guide parents on supporting students through their studies and, particularly, with ensuring that they are using their electronic devices for the right reasons.

Check out these usage statistics below:

A parents’ guide to using GCSEPod at home

Watch a few pods yourself

Take the time to discover how GCSEPod works so that you can better understand its potential for your child. Watch them on your own or, even better, with your child so that you can test each other afterwards.

Use the My GCSE tool

Not only does the My GCSE feature provide the perfect playlist for your child’s upcoming exam, it can also help you devise a revision timetable with your child.

Encourage regular use

Research has shown that the more Pods your child watches the better they are likely to do at exam time. For that reason you should make it easy for them to get a knowledge boost, wherever and whenever they need it. Play one on the school run or during a break time.

As teachers around the country are discovering, GCSEPod is about so much more than GCSE revision videos. If you would like to learn about how you can integrate our suite into your schemes of learning, why not get in touch today.