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GCSE Resits

Achieve Maths & English - Breaking down the barriers to a good pass

Your GCSE resits are not just about resitting subjects, they’re about rethinking them.

Achieve Maths and English target the 12 areas that can make the difference to a pass and a fail on your GCSE resits Created by subject specialists, our award-winning content has been revised by specialists to create a 12-module GCSE resit programme, which is designed to provide students with the resources they need to pass their GCSE Resits

Last year alone nearly 30,000 subscribers used Achieve to positively impact their GCSE English and Maths results. Taking GCSE resits can often be stressful for students, so we’ve made independent learning enjoyable and created goals that are achievable, proving that Achieve is the cost-effective, faster way for learners to get over the GCSE resit hurdle, and move forward with their careers.

The Achieve Maths and English GCSE resits programme helps students to break down the barrier to a good pass, by re-engaging them in their GCSE studies.   

  • 12-module GCSE resit programmes with 1-4 lessons per module
  • Assignments provide a structured approach to independent study for GCSE resit
  • Replicates the approach of a tutor in 4 steps: Pod, Quiz, Practice, Apply
  • Mark schemes, model answers and worked solutions to help students understand what examiners are looking for in their GCSE resit exam answers.
  • Check & Challenge assessments for independent knowledge checking
  • Workbooks that can be completed digitally or printed provide the opportunity to practice

Award-winning Pods

  • 2-5 minute bursts of audio-visual learning
  • Written by subject experts
  • Rigorously quality assured
  • Subtitles available and customisable
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • Watch online or download to your device, so you can revise for your GCSE resits anywhere

Check and Challenge

  • Award-winning assessment tool
  • Supports and challenges learners
  • Can be used independently or alongside Pods
  • Unique diamond reward system documents progress
  • Scaffolded support via hints & multiple-choice options
  • Instant feedback improves confidence
  • Automated self-marking system accurately evaluates knowledge
  • Detailed reports evidence learning progression

Ready-Made Assignments

  • Choose from a library of ready-built assessments
  • Filter by exam board or topic
  • Edit assessments freely, allowing for differentiation
  • Supplement expert-written questions with custom questions
  • Choose self-marking assignments with multiple-choice questions
  • Assign to whole classes or individuals


  • Reading guide
  • Reading mask
  • Colour controls, including high contrast, high saturation and monochrome
  • Adjustable font style and size, including two dyslexia-friendly fonts
  • Highlight all clickable buttons and links
  • Big black and big white cursors
  • Translate page text, choose from almost 100 languages
  • Subtitles available and customisable
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • Full screen option

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