GCSE revision resources: reaching the low-on-confidence student

A child who is confident in his or her ability to learn is a more engaged student on the whole. One of the key terms being used in directives from the Department for Education is “self-esteem” and the importance of instilling confidence in children. As teachers know, bad behaviour often stems from low self-esteem, which results in a negative attitude and a reluctance to participate in classroom exercises.

More than ever, teachers are being encouraged to help pupils believe in their ability to achieve, foster a sense of worth and also a sense of responsibility for their actions.

An important factor in this is supporting a child to engage with subject matter at their own pace in an environment that works for them. While there are many students who thrive in the classroom and are equipped to keep pace with lesson plans, we all know that many students are reluctant to raise their hand to ask a question. All students learn at different speeds and grasp subject matter at their own pace. So, it is important that they have GCSE learning resources that can cater for this.

One of the great benefits of GCSEPod is the support it can provide to students outside of the classroom environment. Children are able to watch and re-watch Pods time and again, pausing and rewinding sections to ensure that they fully understand the content before moving on to the next video.

GCSE Revision Resource

For the low-on-confidence learner, for whom independent learning is of particular importance, having the opportunity to study in a flexible and concise fashion on their preferred device can be hugely beneficial. Our data has shown that integrating GCSEPod into schools has had a profound effect on the grades achieved by not only the highest performing children but entire year groups.

Engaging pupil premium students through award-winning GCSE learning resources

St John Fisher Catholic College in Staffordshire is one of our subscribing schools. They wanted to access proven GCSE revision resources to develop independent learning amongst their Pupil Premium students. At the end of the school year, our analysis showed that Pupil Premium children who accessed GCSEPod regularly – defined as seven times or more – achieved an impressive 82% 5A*–C grades (including English and Maths). In contrast, only 23% who did not regularly access GCSEPod achieved the same attainment levels.

Assistant Head Teacher at St John Fisher’s, Garrett Murray, said:

“Within 3 days of the launch, 80% of our students entitled to Pupil Premium had logged on and accessed podcasts. Within 7 days, all Pupil Premium students had logged on.”

Richmond School in North Yorkshire is another school where the senior leadership team were keen to introduce additional GCSE revision resources. Having only subscribed in January 2017, data already shows that 92% of all Year 11 pupils have accessed the platform. Importantly, some of the highest users have also been found to come from within the Pupil Premium group.

Deputy Head at Richmond School, Jenna Potter, says:

“I could see instantly how a resource like GCSEPod could help meet the needs of some of our Pupil Premium students, some of whom are less inclined to study from traditional books. However, I quickly recognised its wider benefits, too; providing an independent study resource as well as a potential teaching tool.”

She continues:

“We can see from the reporting data exactly how our students are using the content and we have been delighted with how some of our harder to reach students have engaged; in fact, one of our top users is a young boy who has been unable to attend regular classes for the past three years.

“Undoubtedly, the way the content is presented and how it can be accessed across mobile devices and PCs appeals to a wide range of learning styles and abilities, and to this generation who conduct most aspects of life on their mobile devices.”

Encouraging parents to support low-on-confidence students

One of the best features of GCSEPod is that it helps parents to support and participate with their children. There are a number of tools that can help learners to plug knowledge gaps or reinforce classroom learning. Boost playlists, auto-marked assignments and a 25,000-strong question bank all help learners to get to grips with topics and empower parents to engage with their children’s studies at home.

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“A real ‘no brainer’ – GCSEPod is a high quality resource for students which can be evidenced to have an impact on both progress and attainment for all ability levels. It represents extremely good value for money.”

Nick Howe, Assistant Head,
North Huddersfield Trust School

“GCSEPod is an extremely high quality, cost effective and user friendly resource that has had clear and measurable impact in our Academy. The support given by the GCSEPod team is fantastic in all areas. Whether on their own device, or in the classroom, the resource is high quality and ever-developing! I would thoroughly recommend it!”

Dominic Howkins, Vice Principal,
Ormiston Sudbury Academy

“Test Valley School initially subscribed to GCSEPod after securing some external funding. However, the impact has been so significant that we have now subscribed in our own right.”

Andrew Page, Deputy Headteacher,
Test Valley School


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