Our unique Pods break down all the subject knowledge for each topic, book, play or poem into 3-5 minutes of intense, essential learning for both English GCSE and International GCSE exams. In English Literature, we cover a huge variety of popular texts and poetry – and have over a thousand pods to prove it.  Our English Language content was fully modernised in May 2017 to suit the new specifications.

We keep this content constantly under review and new titles are being added all the time, so your subscription is future-proofed to ensure your students have access to relevant learning for the latest specifications and options.

For full information about coverage for 2018 please click here to download our publication summary.

Like all subjects, alongside the Pods, we offer a growing bank of questions to help assess student knowledge and monitor progress.

A GCSEPod subscription gives your students access to a huge range of Shakespearean plays, 19th century novels, post-1914 texts and drama, and poetry. We cover or are in the process of covering the nearly all of English Literature options offered by the 8 main GCSE and International GCSE exam boards.

Our English Language Pods have been fully modernised as of May 2017.  They cover key themes across the main exam boards, including reading fiction and non-fiction, creative and transactional writing, writing skills and delivering successful presentations. Watch an example below.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
As Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) also is assessed for Geography, History and Religious Studies, as well as English, our SPaG Pods also appear in the 3 Humanities subjects to ensure students can easily find the content they need and fulfil their potential.

Filtering to keep your students focused
As every Exam Board offers different options, our filtering means students see only the Pods relevant to their exam board.

Here are some examples of the imagery throughout the Pod: