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"It makes total financial sense, it's a fantastic shared resource and has greatly reduced teacher workload.”

Richard Ward, Assistant Principal, Manor Croft Academy

 GCSEPod Impact

GCSEPod is proven to engage students, consolidate subject knowledge and accelerate progress.

Our subscribers report a direct correlation between GCSEPod usage and results.

Progress 8 impact with GCSEPod usage

Positive relationship between Progress 8 and GCSEPod usage.
Data shown was collected during period of terminal examinations.

The longer you subscribe the bigger the impact

Impact of Pods watched on Progress 8 scores over the academic year.
Data shown was collected during period of terminal examinations.

Don't just take our word for it

We are very humbled to constantly receive positive feedback from our subscribers telling us about the impact GCSEPod has had in their school. From engaging students, to freeing up workloads we are referred to as the teacher’s holy grail. Here’s just a glimpse of what our subscribers say…

Edtech Impact

Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

“With GCSEPod the marking is done for me and I am automatically notified of any students who haven’t grasped the learning objective. This tells me how much knowledge each student has, and the areas where they need extra support in a much more meaningful way.”

Delta Academies Trust

“Either through flip learning or intervention we can use GCSEPod with students in lessons, at home and on the move to support learning both inside and outside the classroom.”
Take a look at our recent impact report >>

Thomas Tallis School

“GCSEPod is the most practical ‘tool’ to engage students to work independently, particularly for revision or where they are absent from school. The fact that our YR11 accessed 50,000 pods shows that they must genuinely find it useful.”

The Three Rivers Learning Trust

"GCSEPod is an excellent resource to support knowledge retrieval. The material is accessible to all ability ranges and has been used successfully by our students to underpin their revision. It played a part in supporting our best ever progress scores."

Denbigh High School

"GCSEPod has helped us to achieve greater personalised learning with pupils able to access 24/7 support with their education. I love that it is cross-curricular and pupils only need to learn how to use it once."

St Joseph's College

"My favorite thing about GCSEPod is that it encourages learning and revision by meeting students on their terms on the devices they love. Using small chunks of information has allowed all abilities to access the content and help with their understanding of a topic."

Stuart Bathurst Catholic School

"Our results this year have been the best they have been in three years. GCSEPod has absolutely been a key driver in improving results in our school."

Essa Academy

"It is difficult so say how much impact GCSEPod has had on the outcomes of the students (but the results have gone up year on year since its introduction!) but what I will say is that there is no way I would not have it in any school.They are a truly innovative company, who value their customers and want to do the best for young people."

“A real ‘no brainer’ – GCSEPod is a high quality resource for students which can be evidenced to have an impact on both progress and attainment for all ability levels. It represents extremely good value for money.”

Nick Howe, Assistant Head, North Huddersfield Trust School


For staff and students, brush up on your knowledge in 3-5 minutes per Pod. 6,000 Pods over 27 subjects.


There is no need to fear teaching outside of your specialism with GCSEPod.  Teach, Assess, Engage, Monitor and Manage.


Like having a teacher in your pocket 24/7, learn on-the-go anytime, anywhere.

Stretch and

No other resource contains the level and quality of questions that our Check and challenge functionality does.  Scaffolded learning for the top end.

Additional learning time using GCSEPod

“Now that’s got to make a difference!”

Jason Hirst, Director of Science, Delta Academies Trust