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“GCSEPod helped me achieve higher grades in my IGCSE exams. It explains the hardest topics in a more visual way that made it easier to absorb. GCSEPod helped me achieve my goal and I am forever grateful. I definitely recommend it.”


“I asked my daughter, who is three years older than her twin brothers, for revision tips when they were coming up to their year 10 end of year exams. Without hesitation, she said GCSEPod.”


GCSEPod is used by outstanding international schools worldwide, and could help your child get higher IGCSE grades.
Data shows that students can achieve at least 1 additional grade higher in each subject. For the first time, Individual Child Licences for English, Maths and Science are now available for parents in Egypt to buy through Darassa Centre.

2019 exams package: English, Maths and Science to July 2019: 22.5 x £150 = 3,450 EGP
2020 exams package: English, Maths and Science to July 2020: 22.5 x £250 = 5,495 EGP


Our short 3-5 minute videos (Pods) work on phone, tablet or laptop and are packed with everything your child needs to understand to get good IGCSE grades. They can learn wherever and whenever they want.





Here’s a short sample from a Maths Pod:

Personal Subscription Package

A GCSEPod individual subscription gives you exactly the same level of support as a full school, with a dedicated Account Manager to get you up and running, and to answer any questions for the duration of your subscription.

Curriculum relevant, teacher-written, digital learning.

In a format students understand, and on the devices they love.

Identify knowledge gaps and fill them with our boost playlists

3-5 minute bursts of learning that helps achieve more.

Consistent use in 10 min sessions is proven to support achievement.


“GCSEPod is a great platform that offiers students an enhanced learning experience and provides them with long-term memory capabilities through individual audio-visual Pods.”



“Students have loved GCSEPod! The parents have also been completed amazed by what GCSEPod has to offer.”

International school

“A marvellous interactive resource which students can use wherever they are; there’s no excuse now for not revising in the car, on the train, or even on the plane as all pods are downloadable!”

International school


“The GCSEPod service is awesome! It is both fun and engaging and absolutely more enjoyable revising using it rather than the textbook. It touches on various important aspects of the subject and maximizes one’s success at examinations. It played an important role in helping me achieve A*. I would definitely recommend students to use it.”



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“A real ‘no brainer’ – GCSEPod is a high quality resource for students which can be evidenced to have an impact on both progress and attainment for all ability levels. It represents extremely good value for money.”

Nick Howe, Assistant Head,
North Huddersfield Trust School

“GCSEPod is an extremely high quality, cost effective and user friendly resource that has had clear and measurable impact in our Academy. The support given by the GCSEPod team is fantastic in all areas. Whether on their own device, or in the classroom, the resource is high quality and ever-developing! I would thoroughly recommend it!”

Dominic Howkins, Vice Principal,
Ormiston Sudbury Academy

“Test Valley School initially subscribed to GCSEPod after securing some external funding. However, the impact has been so significant that we have now subscribed in our own right.”

Andrew Page, Deputy Headteacher,
Test Valley School


Don’t just take our word for it. We’re very proud of the recognition we’ve gained over the years, and we’ve picked up many industry awards along the way. We’re constantly striving to get better at what we do so that our award-winning service provides exactly what you need.

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