GCSEPod for International Schools

GCSEPod covers a wide range of GCSE, IGCSE and O-Level subjects for every exam board and is now used in schools in over 32 countries.
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If you would like to see your students benefit from GCSEPod for their GCSE, IGCSE and O-Level studies,
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Students are encouraged to ‘watch, quiz, practice and apply’ their learning by using a careful selection of GCSEPod’s award-winning content alongside brand new ReadySetGo assignments, which are pre-built and ready for you to assign.

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“I believe GCSEPod would help me to achieve higher grades in my IGCSE exams, because the chapters/lessons provided were explained in a newer, more visual/auditory based method that made it much easier to comprehend and absorb. GCSEPod has allowed me to multitask while learning, in addition to the method of presentation itself which actually brought information on a silver platter–this really brought no problems with me actually taking in the information at a more favorable pace. When learning, there may be spots in the lesson the teacher would miss, or I wouldn’t pay much attention to–GCSEPod circumvents total information loss as I could very easily revise said information online. ‘It’s a godsend, really. Think of it as a foundation to the foundation you’ve already had, it stabilizes information with such ease, it’s almost magical.’ I’ve actually said that to a friend of mine.  GCSEPod is, by far, flawless.”

Student, Egypt

“Of the 10 students with the highest GCSEPod English Language usage, 8 achieved a 7-9 grade, 8 achieved higher than their redirected grade (4 by 2 grades) and the remaining 2 were in line with school predictions. Great stuff!”

Deputy Headteacher, Abu Dhabi

“We massively outperformed our predicted grades and P8 predictions and our analysis shows that the subjects that performed the best correlated with those where the GCSEPod usage was highest. The students enjoy using the resource and it shows.”

Assistant Headteacher, Dubai

“A great service with superb support from a dedicated team – I hope this service continues to grow from strength to strength.”

Teacher, Qatar

“We launched GCSEPod just four months ago and I can already say the students and staff love it! Not only that but the parents have been completely amazed by what GCSEPod has to offer. GCSEPod provides an awful lot of extra support to students and is particularly useful for students that are travelling a lot or involved in lots of other extracurricular activities. They can simply listen to the Pods in the car to keep up with school work. Because of the huge success we’ve had, we’re now looking at a new BYOD policy to help make GCSEPod, and other online tools, even more accessible. We have shared the initiative with other schools in our group through the teachers virtual learning environment used for professional development and exchange.”

Assistant Head, Dubai

“Teaching within the constraints of a shorter academic year in an international school always leaves us pushed for time to deliver content effectively. I have found that GCSEPod videos provide students with an extensive array of high quality content that they can access at any time. They have been a core part of our development of the self-study components of the course, which can also provide very effective assessment and feedback opportunities.
In my 11 years of teaching at The British School of Kuwait, I have yet to see such consistently high quality, tightly scripted videos and we are now planning to embed them into our teaching for next year. More importantly, student feedback on these resources has been universally positive.”

Head of Biology, Kuwait

“Easy, manageable, intuitive and marketed perfectly for teenagers.”

Teacher of ICT, Qatar