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International Schools

It doesn’t take long to see the benefits of GCSEPod, that’s why 95% of international schools re-subscribe!

Teach, assess, monitor, manage and engage with one resource. We are dedicated to improving the working lives of teachers and making GCSE/IGCSE learning stick.

Once subscribed, the price you pay covers access to all content and assessment for up to 27 IGCSE and GCSE subjects, there are no hidden charges to ‘unlock’ new content. The PodUp team are here to build positive lasting relationships to ensure you get the most out of our subscription.

Proven to engage students, consolidate knowledge & accelerate progress, it’s trusted by over 1,800 schools and now in 46 countries around the globe.


Student View

Yusuf Aloqbi, an IGCSE studentat Waad Academy, discusses with his teacher and coordinator, Mohammad Pandore, his experience distance learning. 

First and foremost thank you for the amazing service you are providing with GCSEPod and the ongoing innovation and evolution of this platform. It truly is an amazing resource which seems to be getting better all the time.

Mohammed R. Pandora

Boys High School Co-ordinator, Saudi Arabia

Build Confidence
For staff and students, brush up on your knowledge in 3-5 minutes per Pod. 6,000 Pods over 27 GCSE/IGCSE subjects.

Reduce Stress
GCSEPod helps students stay in control of their learning. Content is filtered by exam board, so they know exactly what they need.

Promote Independence
It’s like having a teacher in your pocket 24/7. Learn on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

Stretch and Challenge
No other resource contains the level and quality of our Check and Challenge functionality.


Benjamin Atkins, Deputy Headteacher, Sunmarke School – Dubai

Case Studies

Using blended learning

GEMS Winchester School

As schools look ahead and prepare students for the new academic year, there is much to be learnt from the home learning experience.

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Reduce teacher workload

Sunmarke School, Dubai

Sunmarke School delivers a rigorous and enriched education with academic excellence and character development at its very heart.

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Independent learning

Lucaya International School

Lucaya International School is an extraordinary school; made so by a tradition of educational excellence spanning 20 years.

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Students driving learning

Deira International School

Deira International school is a dynamic, high performing British curriculum secondary school in Dubai Festival City, with 1,800 students.

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GCSEPod brings library to life

Kellet School, Hong Kong

Students love the audio-visual nature of GCSEPod. We have many students who enjoy reading and GCSEPod really compliments their learning.

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Student to GCSEPod Ambassador

Tom Hollins

Our new Student Ambassador Programme has been developed by recent GCSE student Tom Hollins who used GCSEPod for his GCSEs.

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Hear from international subscribing schools…

 “GCSEPod’s short punchy pods are pitched just right and cover the full range of our exam syllabi. What really sets GCSEPod apart is the assessment and tracking elements. I can see exactly who has done what, what mistakes they are making and what gaps exist in their knowledge. That is a powerful tool to put in the hands of a skilled educator, especially as we have been closed to students for 6 weeks now!”

Rob Davies

Head of Secondary School, VAS Ho Chi Minh City

“The decision to close all schools in China was made during the Chinese New Year holiday, so many staff had already left Shanghai and were not prepared to work remotely. We had to react quickly. The GCSEPod team were very helpful and it was incredibly easy to set up. In the short time we have been using it we have had over 3,000 Pods viewed, with staff and student feedback being very positive. We will certainly integrate GCSEPod into future years.”

Paul Kelly

Head of Secondary, The British International School, Shanghai

“In our first year of subscribing to GCSEPod, the school had the best IGCSE results in its 60 year history: 31% improvement over the highest ever attainment. The results dwarfed the next best school in the country.”

William Arthur

Head of High School, Marina International School - The Gambia

“The GCSEPod team continually provide excellent and time-sensitive customer service, and our students find GCSEPod an easy to use and excellent revision tool to really embed their knowledge.”

Lisa Share

School Librarian and Learning Resource Manager, Kellett School - Hong Kong

“Practical and attractive for students, there’s no excuse for not revising in the car, train or elsewhere. This resource is a definite asset to any school.”

Victoria Midmer

Head of Secondary, Sunny View School

“Students are coming into the lesson with a strong level of understanding that teachers can build on, taking classroom learning to new heights.”

Linda Parsons

Science Teacher, Deira International School

“From initial contact to going live, we had online support for the school IGCSE programme up and running within a week. Set up, installation and support were clear throughout and I can’t speak highly enough about how helpful the GCSEPod team were throughout the whole process. Most importantly, there is good coverage of our school’s learning programme, and teachers and students have found the resources relevant, excellent, and easy to use.”

Ian Lee

IGCSE Coordinator, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai Pudong