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Find out about our latest features and resources below which will help support your Blended Learning strategies and beyond. If you’d like to know more, please call 0191 338 7840.

Getting ready for...KS3/KS4

GCSEPod has recently produced a wealth of resources to support students moving into KS4 and KS5 including ‘Getting ready for GCSE/A Level’ workbooks, which contain a collection of activities. Each workbook includes ‘have a go at’ tasks, learning and skills required for the next key stage. 

Subjects covered include, English Language and Literature, Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, PE, French, German, and Spanish. As a subscriber to GCSEPod, you also receive exclusive access to complimentary playlists that have been designed to support students in completing tasks. The playlists and workbooks can be found in the Teach area of your account within the subject topic.

Check & Challenge

A unique assessment tool students access independently that provides scaffolded support like a teacher would.

Designed to target even the most able students, Check & Challenge aids learning and retention while evaluating knowledge and understanding.

Subjects currently covered include Maths, English Literature and Computer Science.  Click on the link below to find out more.

Learning Activities

The new Student Learning Activities have been designed to help students actively use the knowledge they’re learning from Pods.

The activities help students to independently transform the information in the Pods into something new, cementing knowledge and enhancing recall. 

Students can access the learning activities from their account without your assistance but you can also set a learning activity as an assignment beside any Pod you assign to students. 


Images for Assignments – you can now upload images to your assignment questions! Images will be displayed alongside a question you create. 

Sharing Assignments with Other Schools – share your assignment templates with any other teacher from any school so long as they have a GCSEPod subscription. When publishing your assignment, you will be given an option to ‘share template with other teachers’, simply copy the link and send to another teacher. 

Change or Extend Assignment Deadlines – giving students an extension or pulling forward an assignment deadline is now possible through GCSEPod. Once an assignment is published, if you need to change the deadline date, simply click on the three dot icon and select ‘change deadline’.  

Ready-made Assignments

Setting assignments has never been easier with our new pre-made assignments! Simply select an assignment template, choose the class you want to assign it to and click Publish. The new pre-made assignments cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics, PE, Geography, History, RS, Business, ICT, French, Spanish, German, English Literature, Business, English Language, Computer Science, Design & Technology, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Welsh Second Language and Health & Fitness (alongside the existing Achieve English and maths assignments). You can access these assignments through Ready-made Assignments in the Assess area of your account.

Achieve Pods

We have added modules 11 and 12 to accompany our 10 existing Achieve modules. Achieve Maths and English are designed to stretch students who are striving for a grade 5.

The confidence building content, workbooks and ready-made assignments are perfect for KS3 and to challenge and stretch younger year groups.

You can access the Achieve content in the Teach area of your account.

Tips for Exam Success

Our new English Language: Tips for Exam Success and Example Responses Pods are just like a teacher working one on one with a pupil and guiding them through each question.

The content is exam board specific (AQA, Edexcel, OCR and Eduqas) with bespoke Pods for each exam board.

Ideal for independent learning and revision, students can watch the Pods and then use the accompanying exam paper-style PDFs to apply their skills.

Keeping Fit & Healthy

We’ve recently collaborated with the Youth Sport Trust to produce a series of 16 Pods on the topic of wellbeing.

Areas covered include mental health, physical health and exercise, and the effect of your surroundings on your overall wellbeing. 

The scripts were written by professional athletes such as World Thai-Boxing champion Rachael Mackenzie, and narrated by Jeanette Kwakye (Olympian and British Champion sprinter) and Toby Garbett (Olympian and two-time World Champion rower). 


Teaching staff and parents can now get a masterclass in GCSEPod from the experts themselves. We have been hosting webinars since the start of lockdown and they’ve been incredibly popular. They’ve been designed to support both KS4 and KS3. You can choose from an introductory or subject specific webinar where you can learn how to support teaching and learning effectively using GCSEPod. Parents can benefit too, GCSEPod are hosting webinars centred around how they can support their child’s learning at home.

To book a slot or watch recordings of previous webinars please click on the button below.