Guest Speaker

Caroline Guitton

Caroline Guitton has been a teacher of MFL for more than 10 years, with experience in teaching EAL, French and Spanish. As an ex-HOD, and current NQT and PGCE mentor, she loves to discover and share online resources. She uses GCSEPod extensively to teach MFL and will be sharing her Top 10 Tips for using GCSEPod effectively.

Caroline - MFL guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Eve Headley

Hi, my name is Eve Hedley. I’m currently a deputy head teacher of a secondary school in Sunderland, and I look after the quality of education or teaching and learning. I’m also a teacher of French and Spanish. I’m also an education consultant and very much involved in delivering training on various areas of pedagogy to schools across the country, as well as to students who are studying MFL.

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Eve MFL guest Speaker

MFL Exclusive Webinar

Guest Hosting Eve Hedley and Caroline Guitton

Join us for this very special MFL webinar, hosted by Caroline Guitton (MFL teacher for more than 10 years) and Eve Headley (Deputy Head/French & Spanish teacher), who will be sharing their top tips for using GCSEPod effectively including how to:

– Brainstorm the vocab
– Practice pronunciation and speaking skills
– Strengthen listening skills
– Consolidate reading skills
– Work on translation skills
– Analyse the model answer

Tuesday 27th April @ 17.00 (45 mins)