Pod Perspectives

As we look into an uncertain future, being able to listen and identify with what others are experiencing can help reassure and support us all. In our new podcast series, we’ve taken away the fancy PowerPoints and zoom calls, and allowed teachers like you to give their perspective informally and unedited. Listen now.

– Tips on teacher wellbeing and reducing stress
– How to manage and reduce teacher workload
– What contingencies can be put in place for a possible second spike
– How the education landscape has changed

Sarah Trevena

“The key [to blended learning] is to ensure that you embed online resources into daily teaching. Model the learning. I often emulate the procedure in class. Get them used to that being a normal lesson so that when they are at home they fully understand what you expect from them.”

Vicky Gardiner-Earl

“Overnight we’ve had to become a lot more adaptable in the way we teach. We need to use the time we have now to ensure staff and students are trained up in the tools we’re providing.”

Eve Hedley

“Our focus is much more on that virtual world of learning and we are not suddenly going to come back to face to face learning and abandon everything we’re working so hard to achieve. We are going to retain the gains and continue to provide a platform of virtual, high quality learning.”