(One Time Webinar Special with Guest Host Sarah Trevena)

How to accelerate learning with GCSEPod

Sarah Trevena, Maths teacher, presenter and author, most recently for BBC Bitesize Daily shows you how to maximise impact for GCSE student, reduce your workload, and power your Maths blended learning strategy in this one hour webinar. 

Webinar Overview

As we move into this new era of blended learning and digital pedagogy,
Sarah will focus on highly practical advice and tips.

Sarah Trevena

Sarah has been a Maths teacher for 16 years, working across a range of settings including an inner city comprehensive and a higher attaining secondary. As well as teaching, Sarah is also a Maths consultant, presenter and author, most recently for BBC Bitesize Daily.

Sarah says “The phrase “catch up” is everywhere just now, but as teachers we are constantly playing catch up. There are always children out of school and there are always students who are not quite where we would like them to be and we are working with them to help “catch up”.”

As author of GCSEPod’s Achieve Maths course, Sarah will draw on her experiences and first-hand knowledge of GCSEPod to provide practical examples of how to accelerate learning.


  • How to consolidate learning with limited contact time.
  • Addressing the knowledge gap for foundation students using a pre-set 12-week course.
  • What does a flipped lesson look like for high attainers? Using the “review, address, practice” model.
  • A ready-made, 12-week homework pack for your high attainers.
  • Interleaving with GCSEPod resources to accelerate learning.

“So much useful information around the things offered on GCSEPod, practical applications for everything, loads of ideas, where to find things on the website, and an amazingly-delivered presentation by all three ladies involved!”