Watch the videos below to learn how to use GCSEPod’s many time-saving tools. Maximise the time you spend on GCSEPod and the impact you have in the classroom.

What is GCSEPod?

In this quick video we look at what is GCSEPod, known as education on demand, GCSEPod has been engaging learners and supporting teachers for over 10 years now.

What's Included

In this short video we cover what’s included in your GCSEPod subscription. Before you watch this video we highly recommend watching the ‘What is GCSEPod’ video first.

Assignments Update June 2020

This video give you a full run through all of the changes we have made to our assignments feature to make it even better for you and your students.  

Check & Challenge

A unique assessment system that not only evaluates students’ knowledge and understanding, but also provides scaffolded support via hints, multiple choice options and feedback statements, to aid actual learning and retention.

Creating Assignments

This video covers how you can set assignments and how to review results as well as provide feedback.

Creating playlists

Find out how you can monitor usage and assign pods for students to watch. 

Paper to Pod

These guides list all past paper exam questions and the Pods which are relevant. Students can use these guides to easily identify which Pods they should watch, based on the questions where they lost marks in their mock exam. 

Achieve English and Maths

Condensed and targeted versions of the English language and maths courses, these pods cover key skills and knowledge, they are designed specifically for students who need structure and support. 

Boost Playlists

Our Boost Playlists identify knowledge gaps, providing students with a detailed report on their strengths and weaknesses and an automatically generated playlist of content closely matched to their weakest areas. 


ReadySetGo are pre-created assessments to check knowledge and understanding. These assignments encourage students to ‘watch, quiz, practise and apply’ their learning. 


Take a look at the ‘Engage’ section of our website which is where you will find all the ready-made promotion and training material to maximise your investment in GCSEPod.

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What could we help your school achieve?

Are you a high achieving school with record results, is your Progress 8 score currently below average, or maybe you somewhere in between? No matter what your current standing, all types of schools are finding huge GCSE learning and revision success using GCSEPod. Let us show you how GCSEPod could help reach your school goals.