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Subscription to Pod

We offer real value for money

With no hidden or additional charges and never any locked content. All of our Pods are approved by subject specialists, endorsed by industry leaders and celebrated for our evidence based approach. Being able to filter the content by exam board, being accessible and device agnostic means that they are reliable and available to anyone, anywhere.

Our subscription packages

Subscription includes:
  • Whole school access for students and staff
  • Dedicated teacher and student dashboards
  • Coaching support form our PodUp team
  • Free resources
  • Evidence of impact
Subscription includes:
  • Individual academy licences at a reduced price
  • MAT management dashboard
  • One PodUp member for all academies
  • Launch at a central location
  • Individual academy feedback and reporting
Subscription includes:
  • Unlimited access for all pre-agreed staff
  • Regular reports on each child
  • Personalised exam filtering
  • Access to our PodUp Coaches
  • Free resources
Subscription includes:
  • Unlimited access for all pre-agreed staff
  • Choice between just Maths and English only or all subjects
  • PodUp team coaching support
  • Dedicated teacher and student dashboard
  • Free resources
Subscription includes:
  • Content written by subject specialists
  • 27 Subjects worth of content
  • Exam board specific
  • Online and offline access
  • Dedicated subscription support
  • Free resources
  • Usage and progress reporting

Did you know we offer 1 to 3 year subscriptions?

“A real ‘no brainer’ It represents extremely good value for money.”

Nick Howe, Assistant Head, North Huddersfield Trust School

Individual Subscriptions

GCSEPod is not just for schools, subscriptions are available for individuals, including mature students, home educators, or parents who just want to give their child a helping hand at this crucial time. Data shows students using GCSEPod can achieve 1 additional grade higher in each subject.

Home Schooling Offers currently available, please contact Stephen Weatherley, our Individual Subscriptions Manager
T: 0191 338 7830 or E:


“Before we found GCSEPod, my daughter was failing to reach her potential. Her stress levels were high and self-esteem was low. I felt helpless watching her struggling. Finding GCSEPod was quite literally like finding GCSE gold dust.”