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From the 31st July and over the course of 2 weeks, students and parents are invited to participate in engaging and interactive webinars, gain access to interviews with subject specialists, resources, task sheets and more.

Simply use the registration links below to register your place.

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Study Smarter, not Harder

Your time spent learning is so valuable, make sure you are making the most of it by learning “How to Learn”. These pods teach you techniques to ensure you make the most of your learning time.

Keep fit & healthy

YST and GCSEPod have developed a series of Wellbeing Pods to help you better manage your wellbeing. If you look after your wellbeing and learn to take responsibility for it, not only will it support you through your exams, but also beyond that and into adult life.

Health & Wellbeing

There’s lots of things we can all do to look after our mental wellbeing and taking any time you can for self-care is massively important. Visit our mental health page to find out more.

Summerpod Challenge

Stay Motivated

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We have created Spotify SummerPod playlists. Simply click on the buttons below to open the playlists in Spotify and enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost?

None whatsoever!  After a hugely challenging year, we’re delighted to offer a fun, interactive and motivational programme of events to all students and parents of students at GCSEPod subscribing schools.  We can’t wait for you to take part!


Can teachers join in too or only students and parents?

Of course teachers can join too!  Any teacher at a GCSEPod subscribing school can come along and maybe take back some of the activity ideas to try out with their students in the new academic year!


Is SummerPod like Summer School?  Will the students be taught specific subject knowledge or is it more general advice?

We are providing a small number of videos focussed on subject-specific skills, particularly in English and Maths.  However, due to the huge range of subjects covered on GCSEPod and the range of students that will be taking part, the SummerPod live events and activities will be focussed on general life and learning skills such as staying organised, ditching distractions, effective prioritisation and keeping motivated.


Is there a set itinerary/programme of events so that students/parents need to log on at a given time?

Yes!  SummerPod lasts 2 weeks from July 31st to August 11th 2023.  Each week there will be two live events which will take place in the evening. One event is aimed at parents and the other is for students (although anyone can attend any event and we encourage students and parents to take part together).  The events will each last 1 hour and have a live participation interactive element, a little bit like a webinar but more fun!  Attendees can take part or just watch, but we encourage everyone to take part and complete the activities with the hosts.  All live events will be recorded and recordings will be readily available for anyone who wants to watch on demand and catch up either during or after SummerPod.


Can students log on and work at their own pace? Or a bit of both?

Absolutely!  A range of resources will be made available on the webpage including activity sheets and live event recordings.  Students can complete these at their own pace, although a recommended route through the activities will be outlined and linked up to the topics covered in the live events.


If students/parents are unavailable for a particular period during the 2 weeks will they still be able to engage with the programme and pick up where they left off?

Yes, absolutely.  All the resources, including the recording of the four live events will be available at