One gateway to all subjects, available anywhere and filtered by exam

GCSEPod is the ideal solution to promote independent learning. It’s one gateway to 27 subjects with all the relevant content filtered by exam board and readily available to students to fill knowledge gaps independently.

GCSEPod provides students with a structure for learning outside of the school environment which they’ve never had before. This helps to instil a confidence and belief that they can do it.

Learning outside of school

Over 10 million audio-visual podcasts were accessed out of school hours last academic year.

Our engaging format and the key exam content in our Pods makes it easy to learn, understand and – most importantly – to recall. We have the resources you need to help every student reach their true potential.

Build Confidence

For both staff and students, brush up on your knowledge in 3-5 minutes per Pod. 

Reduce Stress

Helps students stay in control. Content is filtered by exam board, so they know exactly what to learn.

Promote Independence

It’s like having a teacher in your pocket 24/7.
Learn on-the-go, anytime, anywhere.

Stretch and Challenge

No other resource contains the level and quality of our functionality.

“Students who regularly used GCSEPod exceeding their predicted grades by 3.7 Attainment 8 points. It’s clear that video resources played a significant role in helping students to enrich their subject understanding and retention.”

James Pickering

Associate Assistant Head , Marshalls Park Academy

Case Studies

Are you a high achieving school with record results, is your Progress 8 score currently below average, or maybe you somewhere in between? No matter what your current standing, all types of schools are finding huge GCSE learning and revision success using GCSEPod. Take a look…

Marshalls Park Academy

Marshalls Park Academy

How GCSE revision is changing in the digital age

Associate Assistant Head, James Pickering discusses how digital learning resources have enabled students to accelerate their learning progress. “GCSE revision is inevitably transforming, young learners are now accustomed to getting their information in bite-sized chunks in a user-friendly and accessible format, and at any time of day, whether pupils are at home or on the bus to school.”

Rawlins Academy

Rawlins Academy

From intervention to independent GCSE learning

Before subscribing to GCSEPod, the Academy’s GCSE results hadn’t been great. In their first year with GCSEPod, students watched 50,000 Pods.

“In lessons, students will volunteer information we haven’t yet covered. I’ll ask where they got their facts and they’ll say GCSEPod. They’re getting ahead, which is fantastic.”

Can we help your school?

All types of schools are finding huge GCSE success using GCSEPod.
Prices start from as little as £1 per month per student for 27 subjects, teacher tools and ongoing support. Let us show you how GCSEPod could help reach your school goals.