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Statistics show that ‘Dropping out of uni’ is getting worse, not better. David Craggs thinks that schools have a major role to play in addressing the issue.

Dropout rates

A sad statistic of our time is that university drop-out rates continue to rise for the fourth successive year. Figures of international attrition rates vary, with some universities reporting the number as one in ten, while data released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) show that almost one in five students in the UK don’t make it beyond their first year.

Online resources

An important aspect of this work is to ensure students can work independently online, for which we use a variety of approaches. GCSEPod is one example. The resource is used as a supplement for in lesson learning, GCSE revision and as a homework platform. It covers all areas of the curriculum with short three to five minutes video ‘pods’ to visually ‘teach’ or ‘revise’ key aspects of each learning objective. Students can autonomously go down the proverbial ‘rabbit-hole’ of pods to discover and gain information and knowledge. They have the freedom to do this while we are also being very specific in the tasks we give them, to ensure they’re on the right learning journey.

Our EPIC reading system is another example of a resource that provides all of our KS3 students with access to a variety of books; content is differentiated by ability so each student can work with their teacher to select the titles most appropriate for their development and then read them independently.

Linguascope offers practice questions for the students and self-marking tasks and worksheets. Not only does this reduce teacher workload, but students can become more autonomous, managing their own learning by understanding where they need to focus further work to maximize their progress. GCSEPod takes this one step further by directing each student to a bespoke playlists of curriculum content specific to their learning needs.

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“I can’t speak highly enough about how helpful the GCSEPod team were throughout the whole process. Most importantly, teachers and students have found the resources relevant, excellent, and easy to use.” 
Ian Lee, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, China