Experimenting with digital learning tools: trying something different for the new school year

8th September 2017

The idea of trying to introduce new and innovative ideas and technologies into the classroom may sound like an appealing one. But how can teachers ensure that change equates to progress rather than a step in the wrong direction. At GCSEPod we are regularly asked about how integrating our learning resources into the classroom can […]

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Watch. Learn. Repeat. Short burst learning across 5,000+ Pods

29th August 2017

At GCSEPod we believe in helping students to learn in an efficient and effective way. Give a teenager time to get bored and it is likely that their attention will stray; hit them with a short burst of information, however, and they will be armed with important knowledge by the time they sit down to […]

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How to challenge more able learners with GCSEPod

25th July 2017

Students learn at different speeds and apply themselves in different ways. In particular, the way that students behave during independent learning periods can vary massively across a school. GCSEPod is designed to drive student progress and empower learners to engage with subject matter at their own pace. For low-on-confidence learners and those who are slower […]

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Optimising GCSE revision resources: 3–5 minutes of quality, concise content

3rd July 2017

Here’s why short bursts of audio-visual learning are perfect for plugging knowledge gaps. With so many exams squeezed into a narrow window between May and June, the modern GCSE student must be organised if he or she wants to leave enough time to revise for each subject. To handle such tight time restrictions, pupils need […]

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