Recapping with GCSEPod: Consolidating knowledge at the start of A-Levels

7th August 2017

Getting students focused and ready to learn after the summer break can be hard. In fact, chances are that for many learners returning after their GCSEs, most of the knowledge they acquired during study leave will feel like it has drained away. So, how can teachers close knowledge gaps that have widened over the holidays […]

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GCSEPod is for the year, not just for cramming!

12th July 2017

When GCSEPod was first launched back in 2011 it was adopted almost entirely as a GCSE revision tool to be used in the weeks immediately before examinations. Today, however, GCSEPod has become an integral part of many schools’ GCSE schemes of learning. With greater functionality than ever before, our platform is the ideal companion for […]

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