Jo Wallis is one of an increasing number of hypnotherapists working with young children up and down the country suffering increased stress and heightened anxiety as a result of exam pressures.

In Jo’s article, she makes the very valid point that if we are to prepare GCSE students for the challenges of the new examinations and protect their health and well-being, then now is the time we need to start working with them – not at Easter, which is often the case.

She urges education professionals to treat mental preparation with the same importance as academic preparation and begin focusing on their students’ mental wellbeing as early as possible into examination years.

She believes that ascertaining learning styles is key to mentally preparing young students and preventing unnecessary anxiety from arising and is a real advocate of variety; be it changing the room in which you revise or the techniques you use to digest information.

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Jo talks about the role that GCSEPod can play in helping students to prepare for their exams. She said:

“I am increasingly recommending GCSEPod to the schools, parents and students that I work with; not only does the audio visual content meet the needs of all kinds of preferred learning styles but the online format, accessible on any desk top or mobile device, appeals to today’s digital natives and naturally encourages students to vary how, when and where they study.

“I’ve worked with a number of anxious, under-achieving students who within weeks of using GCSEPod have demonstrated real progress both academically and mentally.”

Jo Wallis

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