Tips for Exam Success – Now Available!

Our brand new English Language Tips for Exam Success content is available now. These new pods are designed to provide a quick and accessible way of revising exam board-specific English Language reading questions.

They are just like a teacher working one on one with a student and guiding them through each question. The content is exam-board specific with bespoke pods for each board.

Great for independent learning and revision, as students can watch the pods and then use the accompanying exam paper PDFs to apply the skills.

Perfect to use with younger students to teach the techniques of how to answer exam questions.

What does it include?

For each question on the reading paper, there’s one Tips for Success pod and one Example Responses pod.

Tips for Success Pods

The Tips for Success pods provide general strategies and tips for approaching a particular question or question type successfully. They explain the rubric of exam questions and mark schemes, walking students through the exam question and its potential pitfalls, and what the examiner wants to see.

Example Responses

The Example Responses pods talk through example responses to each question on the sample papers. The pod gives feedback on where the marks came from, how the answers do or don’t meet the mark scheme, what the a mid-level response could improve, and why a high-level response would score more.

PDF sample exam papers 

Alongside these pods, PDF sample exam papers are available for download. They are written in the style of each exam board, following the structure and wording styles, giving students the opportunity to practice the skills demonstrated in the pods.

Where to find them

They appears within English Language. As there’s different content for each board, make sure to have have the correct exam board set.

Not from a subscribing school?

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