Short bursts of learning across 6,000+ audio-visual Pods.

At GCSEPod we believe in helping students to learn in an efficient and effective way. Give a teenager time to get bored and it is likely that their attention will stray; hit them with a short burst of information, however, and they will be armed with important knowledge by the time they sit down to take their exams.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of our concise audio-visual Pods.

Pods are memorable

To make our Pods memorable we need to make them interesting and engaging. This means creating content that is well designed, paced appropriately, does not place unreasonable demands on time and can be accessed on a student’s device of choice.


Creating content on digital devices also allows us to make them multisensory. As studies have shown, learners rely on their senses to process information and consolidate memories. Making cognitive connections can be done more effectively when multiple senses are applied. As a result, students can more easily draw up facts, figures and relevant details from learning that has been accessed through visual and aural means.

We also know that everyone utilises their senses differently when acquiring knowledge. Some prefer animation; some prefer audio; some the written word. By applying all of these different modes of communication our Pods allow teens to process information in the way that works best for their brain. What’s more, those students who choose to revise from a Pod again and again will often find that they focus in on a different element each time they replay the video.

Acquisition and application of knowledge

By covering subject matter more efficiently through concise, punchy Pods, learners can move on from the acquisition of information to the application of knowledge more quickly. This includes practising exam questions selected from GCSEPod’s 45,000+ strong question bank.

By testing their understanding of a topic or theme, students can identify any remaining gaps in their knowledge then close them by revisiting the relevant Pod.

Pods are curriculum appropriate

Our team works tirelessly to move with the curriculum as it evolves. Our content is exam-board specific and synced daily, meaning that subscribing schools can always access the precise material that their students need to prepare for their GCSEs. Pods are written and quality assured by expert subject teachers who map to every GCSE and IGCSE exam board. This is a far cry from the days of traditional textbooks, which are both costly and quickly become dated.

Could your students benefit from a leading GCSE revision resource and independent study tool?