Why it works

“92% of students surveyed in KS4 found GCSEPod to be a really useful tool”

Results from a recent student survey at Dormers Wells High School


GCSEPod makes an impact on your students, your colleagues and your whole school. See below for the types of learning environments we support and please take look at our latest report from our Business Intelligence Manager – Ben Schwarz


“My grades have been improving using GCSEPod.
What would I do without it!”

This tweet, from May 2016, sums up the greatest benefit of GCSEPod for many students.  It gets measurable results.  Whether a student is just starting to learn more independently or is a highly motivated learner looking to advance their work and expand their knowledge, GCSEPod can adapt.  What’s more, students feel proud of their achievements with GCSEPod.

Students benefit
  • Can be accessed on any mobile, tablet or desktop

  • Watch online, or download to watch offline

  • Master tricky topics

  • Organise your revision leading up to exams

  • Everything you need to succeed

  • Key facts and images help you learn


Save time with our suite of teacher tools. Use GCSEPod to set homework, automatically mark assignments, identify knowledge gaps and auto-fill them with personalised playlists. You can also give instant feedback and monitor exactly who’s watching what to keep an eye on progress in target groups. Confidently encourage flipped and independent learning, both in and out of school, with our award-winning Pods.


Teachers benefit
  • Reduce workload by using pre-written questions

  • Set, mark and monitor homework with ease

  • Improve confidence, motivation and behaviour

  • Support interventions and identify knowledge gaps

  • Ideal for flipped learning, revision and independent learning

  • Ideal content for online classrooms


Help your child reach their potential whilst building their confidence across a range of subjects.  Use GCSEPod to learn a new topic together or help them identify their weakest areas and fill their knowledge gaps.  The content on GCSEPod is already filtered by your child’s school so you can login with the peace of mind that what’s available will really make a difference to their progress.

Parents benefit
  • Turns a mobile phone into a learning tool

  • Watch together - in the car, at home, anywhere

  • Content filtered for your child's exam

  • Helps your child achieve higher grades

  • Build your child's confidence

  • Exam-specific playlists help keep revision organised​


GCSEPod benefits your whole school. Every single student and teacher has access, so as well as empowering GCSE students you can also support lower year high achievers and help A-level students refresh their knowledge. Use our comprehensive reporting suite to easily provide proof of impact. Proven to increase GCSE results year on year.

Schools benefit
  • Outstanding value for money

  • Comprehensive project support

  • Works for low, middle and high attainers

  • GCSEPod benefits the whole school

  • Reporting suite

  • One equipped platform

Multi Academy Trusts

Improve attainment and progress in your MAT with GCSEPod and monitor student and staff engagement at a glance, whatever the environment (mainstream academies, studio schools, UTCs, FE Colleges, Hospital Schools and even secure units!)  Our unique multi-account dashboard helps Managers monitor student and staff engagement at a glance and quickly identify excellent practice and areas for improvement right across the Trust. Click on the link below to find out more.

Multi Academy Trusts benefit

GCSEPod helps Multi-Academy Trusts with:

  • Trust, Academy and Departmental data for MAT Health Check

  • Gain powerful insight into real Academy life

  • Compare practice across individual academies

  • Identify collaboration opportunities

  • Discover leadership potential

  • Target staff training needs

FE Colleges

Tens of thousands more students will take English and Maths GCSE resits this year. GCSEPod can help ease that burdon by providing high quality digital content that can be access from anywhere, on any device and is proven to get results.

FE Colleges benefit
  • Outstanding value for money

  • Comprehensive project support

  • Works for low, middle and high attainers

  • GCSEPod benefits the whole school

  • Reporting suite

  • One equipped platform

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“A real ‘no brainer’ – GCSEPod is a high quality resource for students which can be evidenced to have an impact upon attainment for all ability levels. It represents extremely good value for money.”

Nick Howe, Teacher,
North Huddersfield Trust School


Don’t just take our word for it. GCSEPod has gained huge recognition since our initial launch in 2010 and we continue to pick up industry awards along the way. We’re constantly listening to the schools that use GCSEPod and learning how we can best support teachers and students in times of change. Contact us to tell us your goals for the next year and discuss how we can be a part of your school improvement strategy.

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