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Now boasting 3,500 podcasts, all-new more visual podcasts, auto-marking assignments, personalised teacher and student dashboards + editable playlists.

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Our innovative approach to learning has recently earned us industry recognition and awards from BETT, IAAS, Learning without Frontiers and Education Investor

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Why Now?

Smartphone and tablet ownership amongst the GCSE age group has exploded, can you afford to ignore the technology in your students’ pockets?

Ready for Mobile?


Today’s teenagers are the first truly mobile generation: the vast majority of GCSE students already have smart phones or tablets and are using them to access the internet, play games and connect with friends. Thousands of school leaders are now harnessing existing and new mobile technology in the classroom, at home or on the move to motivate students and improve results.

Students can access GCSEPod via your school VLE, website or the App, watch online or offline on any mobile device…. and it works just as well on a PC or laptop.

Case studies

GCSEPod have been an excellent, cost effective, addition to our learning resources and whilst credit must go to our determined staff and students there is no doubt that this innovative tool has helped us to increase our overall results by a staggering 15%.

Geraint Thomas, Assistant Head, Bewdley School