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Student Ambassador Programme

Empower your students with the Student Ambassador Programme

As part of your GCSEPod subscription you and your students can take part in the Student Ambassador Programme. 

“The Programme will benefit students as they gain invaluable skills and experience which are crucial for the workplace, as well as helping others to achieve their potential.”

Tom Hollins - Head of Student Ambassador Programme

Do you have students looking to:

Develop Leadership Skills

Build Resilience

Improve Organisational Skills


Develop Communication Skills

The Ambassador Programme helps students to develop key skills whilst also embedding GCSEPod into school life and maximising the impact you get from your subscription.  The Programme is a fantastic way to encourage engagement with GCSEPod, which is proven to improve results, and support students in learning both peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher communication skills.

About Tom Hollins – Head of the Programme

Tom is a truly inspirational individual who has helped build the programme following his experience of GCSEPod as a student.

At Thomas Alleyne’s High School, Headteacher Julie Rudge placed Tom, a Year 12 student at the time, in charge of GCSEPod when budget cuts led to low staffing levels. Tom had used GCSEPod to turn predicted D grades into 3A*s the previous year. 

Tom led a team of four other Ambassadors, tasked with promoting GCSEPod usage across the school.  He helped train staff on the resource, spoke at revision events, attended parents’ evenings, analysed data, ran drop-in sessions, and inspired younger students to follow in his high achieving footsteps.  Under Tom’s leadership, usage of GCSEPod increased by a staggering 195%.

The school’s Progress 8 increased from 0.18 in 2017 to 0.4 in 2018, and exceeded county and national standards.

Tom was so impressed with how being an Ambassador strengthened his skills and helped him to overcome his shyness, that he is now helping other to realise their potential.   Tom is also studying English at university. 

If you would like to read the full case study, please click here

Tom’s role as Head of Student Ambassador Programme sees him visiting schools to share best practice, inspiring the next generation of Year 10 and 11 students to use this award-winning service, training and developing them to promote and use GCSEPod.

“My confidence grew as I improved academically, but more than that, when I took over responsibility for GCSEPod in my school, my team-working, communication and leadership skills improved too.

I wouldn’t be doing it unless I genuinely believed in GCSEPod’s worth.  Without GCSEPod, my life now would probably be very different.”

Tom Hollins

So, what does the Student Ambassador Programme entail?

Teachers can login to GCSEPod and select students to nominate as Ambassadors.  The chosen Ambassadors will then be able to:

  • support and train students, staff and parents with an exclusive set of ready-made resources
  • monitor anonymised usage data for the school and groups
  • access the Pod Games League Tables
  • be part of an ambassador community and have access to a forum where they can safely ask questions and share best practice. This forum is moderated and is also accessible to all teachers.  Students can only post publicly on the forum and cannot take part in any private conversations.