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Office Address: UK Office:
Newcastle Enterprise Centres,
6 Charlotte Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4XF

ASCL Conference

A longstanding Premier Partner of ASCL, we at GCSEPod are determined to further support its members with our content, assessment, and data. We will be attending this year’s conference in person, at the front of Hall 3, and have a lot to chat you through. Lots has changed since the last time we saw you in March 2020, let us show you around what’s new on the stand!


THEME: Ambitious Leadership

DATES: 11 – 12 March 2022

FORMAT: In-person

 Now, let’s acquaint ourselves before you pop by the stand! 

Take a tour of our latest big announcement; Exam-Style Assignments!

Readymade digital, high-stakes exams to assess your students’ knowledge and identify knowledge gaps. 

“ASCL has for many years worked with a range of companies as commercial partners and it’s been a great pleasure to have been involved in this aspect of ASCL’s work. We’ve always taken these partnerships very seriously. We need to ensure that our members trust our view about the efficacy of the products and services being offered. 

I’ve had the privilege of meeting key staff at GCSEPod and seen how they go about the production of their ‘pods’. I’ve sat in on production sessions and was incredibly impressed with the care being taken over the details and focus of the content. GCSEPod uses highly skilled and experienced teachers to develop the materials across its content.” 

Duncan Baldwin, former Director of Policy, ASCL

“As Director of ASCL Cymru, I am delighted to endorse GCSEPod as a truly interactive and innovative approach to blended teaching and learning.” 

Eithne Hughes, Director, ASCL Cymru

We will have a great team down in Birmingham so feel free to reach out if you have any questions before the conference. Look forward to seeing you!

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