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Looking back on 4 years with GCSEPod

St Christopher’s in Bahrain was the very first British International School to sign up. Adrian Walker Assistant Head tells us how GCSEPod is still making an impact at their school. “GCSEPod is the one way that we have managed to keep the focus on learning. I would recommend GCSEPod to international schools.”


St Christopher’s School

St Christopher’s School in Bahrain was the very first British International School to sign up to GCSEPod back in 2012.

Back then, GCSEPod was still relatively in its infancy in the UK, as schools were coming to terms with how to harness mobile technology in education and whilst it catered for IGCSE, it is fair to say that our reach was somewhat limited.

However, when Ed Goodwin, Executive Head at St Christopher’s saw GCSEPod in action at a COBIS conference he was quick to identify just how it could work for his students and despite its then limitations for international students, he introduced it in to the school as an independent learning resource.

Fast forward four years and the school which offers British style education for pupils age 3 – 18, still has the highest usage and downloads of all international subscribers and usage amongst its core Year 10 and Year 11 students continues to increase year on year.

“I would recommend GCSEPod to international schools.”

The product itself has moved on significantly since 2012 and whilst it still remains a well-used revision tool, it now offers a far wider range of content suitable for students studying iGCSE as well as a host of additional features which have helped to embed it in to every day learning.

We spoke with Adrian Walker Assistant Head of the Senior School who has been instrumental in rolling out the resource across school to find out more about GCSEPod at St Christopher’s.

“GCSEPod was introduced in to school as an independent learning resource, targeted predominantly at helping our students to revise for examinations.

“As a school we adopt a distributed practice approach, helping our students to revise regularly and effectively. We are fortunate to have students who are keen to learn, so access to a resource like GCSEPod, which allows them to develop their own independent learning, was received well.

“In the past 18 months, usage has grown significantly more or less doubling from one year to the next. It is important that students make best use of their mobile devices, both in school and at home.

The Results

“GCSEPod is one way that we have managed to keep the focus on learning, rather than the potential distractions of social media.”

Some new features of GCSEPod have been added as well as changes to reflect new examination syllabuses. Setting assignments using the question bank has enhanced the appeal of GCSEPod amongst teachers. More teachers now use it to set homework assignments as well as a valuable classroom resource.

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