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Watch an English pod

GCSEPod covers both English Language and English Literature GCSEs in detail. Pods clearly explain the skills students need to develop their reading and writing, in line with the AOs and the different text types they’ll encounter during their studies.

Our Literature pods cover a wide range of set texts, aiding students in understanding the drama, prose, and poetry they’ll be reading, in addition to helping them develop their skills around analysing texts and identifying how writers use language and structure in their works.

English Language

English Literature

Check & Challenge

Working to improve retention and retrieval of this knowledge, Check and Challenge is a low stakes assessment opportunity that students can access independently, at any time. Scaffolded support means that students don’t just see their results, they receive feedback on their answer choice.

Achieve English

For students who are aiming for a grade 4/5 or are resitting their GCSE. Achieve is a 12-module course, combining Pods, Check and Challenge, and printable workbooks. The content is designed to guide students through the topics and skills they need to work towards the grade they want.

Exam Style Assessment

Written by English specialists and examiners, these exam board specific, original assessment materials can be assigned in seconds. Available for all exam boards and topics, enabling straightforward gathering of attainment evidence and essential exam practice.

Free English resources to share with your students

Tips for Exam Success

Our Tips for Success pods provide general strategies and tips for approaching a particular question or question type successfully. They explain the rubric of exam questions and mark schemes, walking students through the exam question and its potential pitfalls, and what the examiner wants to see. They are just like a teacher working one on one with a pupil and guiding them through each question. The content is completely exam-board specific with bespoke pods for each board. We have included 4 free for you to share with your students below.

AQA Paper 1 Q4
Eduqas component 1 Q5
OCR paper 1 and 2 question 4
Edexcel paper 1 Q4

English Assessment Advice

Getting ready for…

Our ‘Getting ready for…’ resources are made up of a collection of activities aimed at supporting students to ‘have a go’ at tasks, learning and skills required for the next key stage. Available free for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

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