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Watch a Science pod

GCSEPod’s Science content brings together clear explanations of the required scientific knowledge plus low-stakes assessment opportunities for students to test their understanding.

We’ve been busy adding to Check and Challenge and questions are now available across Biology, Chemistry and Physics for Combined Science, including the required practicals. Designed to support students of all abilities, Check and Challenge does far more than just assess knowledge.

Multiple-choice testing combined with our unique diamond reward system encourages motivation and improves retention and retrieval of key information, while instant feedback allows students to identify their areas of weakness and build understanding.

“It is great to learn things through short videos and other students in our school really love it too! It is the best platform we use in school and I especially like the Biology & Chemistry content”


Kings Priory, Tynemouth

Check & Challenge

Working to improve retention and retrieval of this knowledge, Check and Challenge is a low stakes assessment opportunity that students can access independently, at any time. Scaffolded support means that students don’t just see their results, they receive feedback on their answer choice.

Exam Style Assessment

If your students would benefit from a test run answering a paper, why not assign them our exam-style questions? These assignments, written by examiners and experienced teachers, are ideal for recording evidence of attainment as well as providing further practice opportunities for learners. 

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