GCSEPod can help reduce teacher workload whilst at the same time improve student independent learning, raising attainment and progress 8 outcomes. It is a perfect partner to help complement PiXL strategies.

GCSEPod is a great way of guiding students through the curriculum. It helps improve their understanding of what they know and what they don’t.

Rachel Johnson

Director, PiXL

Since launching GCSEPod in January, we have been delighted with the way Year 10 and 11 students and teachers have embraced the pods as one of their main revision strategies. They are key to the PiXL Diagnosis, Therapy and Testing model because students receive detailed feedback on which topic they need to improve on further via subject Smith Proformas. Any topics highlighted as amber or red can then be revised from the list of pods. In addition, the pods perfectly support the PiXL Independence and Knowledge resources in helping students to plan their own revision schedules.

Mark Wyss

Associate Vice Principal, Salford Academy Trust

PiXL Independence

GCSEPod is a fantastic way to get students working independently. It’s one gateway to all subjects with all the content needed, filtered by exam board, readily available to students to fill knowledge gaps independently.

Usage is recorded so you can easily and quickly track and monitor progress, saving time but being forensic about the data and findings.

If you are using the PiXL Independence Strategy, give GCSEPod a try today with these in-school posters. Click on the images below to download the poster.

Diagnose, Therapy, Testing

Use the existing, 45,000+ question bank on GCSEPod to set assignments and diagnose any gaps in knowledge. Each question in GCSEPod is mapped to a specific pod. If the student gets any questions wrong, the therapy is administered by a boost playlist – an automatically generated playlist focusing on the gaps in knowledge. Then reassess to have the confidence the knowledge gaps have been filled.

Personalised learning checklists

GCSEPod gives you the tools you need to gain a better understanding of your student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Boost Playlists
When a student completes an assignment, not only will they receive a detailed report on their strengths and weaknesses, but will also receive an automatically generated playlist, to identify weaker areas and fill gaps in their knowledge.

Question Level Analysis
Every assignment you set will generate a Question Level Analysis (QLA) summary. This puts all the information about a completed assignment on a single page for you, helping you analyse progress and make strategic interventions.

Usage Reporting
Tracking and monitoring engagement with GCSEPod is simple and provides easily exportable information for you to track progress. You can see usage data on an individual and group level, making it easy to identify students who may need additional intervention.

PiXL case studies

Creating independent learners with GCSEPod

Whalley Range performs significantly above average for Progress 8. This is in the context of 51% of its students qualifying for Pupil Premium, 29% students not having English as their first language and typically students joining the school in KS3 having KS2 scores which are significantly below the national average.

“Without a doubt, GCSEPod supports our values and indeed there is a strong correlation between a student’s P8 score and the number of podcasts watched.”
Kate Wragg, Whalley Range High School

PiXL member & GCSEPod subscriber


Impact on results is staggering… but don’t let the students hear me say this!

South Molton Community College in Devon is a PiXL partner school committed to raising standards through innovation.

“Looking for a source that will make a real difference? Then you need look no further than GCSEPod. On average, the best GCSEPod users achieved 1.20 higher Progress 8 scores than the lowest users and those best users achieved 66% more (+24.1) Attainment 8 Points on average than the lowest users.”
Richard Uffendell, South Molton Community College

PiXL member & GCSEPod subscriber


Implementing GCSEPod within the PiXL framework has had such high impact

John Mason School explain how GCSEPod, when implemented within the PiXL
framework, has such a high impact.

“GCSEPod can have a substantial impact on revision and independent learning. It has been particularly excellent in helping to close the disadvantaged and boys’ gaps.”
Robin Conway, John Mason School

PiXL member & GCSEPod subscriber