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Getting ready for KS5

Getting ready for A-Levels

As a part of our continued effort to support students, parents and teachers, we have produced these free resources for both subscribers and non-subscribers to support students in the transition from KS4 to KS5.

Our ‘Getting Ready for GCSE’ and ‘Getting ready for A-Level’ resources are made up of a collection of activities aimed at supporting students to ‘have a go’ at tasks, learning and skills required for the next key stage.

All activities can be completed on demand and at the student’s own pace.

Advice from a Year 13 student

In this Pod Adam Rowe, a current Year 13 student, gives his top tips and advice for transitioning from GCSE’s to A Level. Click on the video below to watch the Pod.

Are you a subscriber?

Subscribing schools also have access to complimentary playlists collated to support pupils in completing these tasks and continuing their revision. To find them simply login to your account and visit the relevant subjects.

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