We are truly humbled to receive such praise from an outstanding School Leader

Good afternoon

Sorry for contacting you unannounced but I felt that I had to send you a few observations during these traumatic times.

I am responsible for our remote learning at Goole Academy.

The swift transition into lockdown was a huge issue to use. Many of our students come from areas of high social deprivation and I was really concerned about them being left behind their peers.

GCSEPod has been a revelation for our students and they have engaged with it far more than any other product I’ve seen in a 20 year career.

Over 90 000 pods viewed in lockdown alone (and still rising) and topped off by winning the pod games (I am very popular with my Principal at the moment).

To put it simply – the staff and students love it and the impact has been amazing!

What has really helped us take it to the next level has been the support of the people at GCSEPod.

When I report an issue or have a suggestion, the response is quick and issues rectified.

This is not true of some other online platforms we use.

I must give a special shout out to the two #podpeople who have helped me immensely over the year and particularly during the last few months.

Alexandra Armstrong and Helen Newies have been a font of information and inspiration.

Their passion for and knowledge of your product has been beyond reproach.

I’ve sent them so many questions that I expect every reply to have a restraining order attached but instead, they contain another perfect response.

We would not have been anywhere near as successful without them.

When we close for the Summer on Wednesday and I get to praise our staff for their hard work, I will be adding their names to my ‘speech’ because they are part of my team.

I just felt I had to email you and thank you for helping our students keep learning throughout this unprecedented time.

Stay safe and thank you on behalf of all the staff and students you have helped.

Bob Jackson
Assistant Principal, Goole Academy

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“I can’t speak highly enough about how helpful the GCSEPod team were throughout the whole process. Most importantly, teachers and students have found the resources relevant, excellent, and easy to use.” 
Ian Lee, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, China