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The PodUp promise

To raise attainment, impact, drive engagement and motivation.

Aspiring to push workload down and progress up. With your help we will map out your goals, investigate potential avenues for innovation and create a plan of action that we will be on hand to deliver.

“The customer service (“Pod Up”) we have received from GCSEPod has been second to none. We use so many different service providers as part of our daily work but none even comes close to the level of detailed service we receive from the PodUp team. The PodUp team members are supportive, understanding the pressures I am under and the urgency of sorting out any issues that I may have. A fab group of people who go above and beyond every time.”
Dave Nichols, Subject Leader, The Snaith School

Benefits & Features

  • Reduce workload
  • Successful embedding of resource
  • Advice on how to reach goals
  • Exclusive access to new resources and features
  • Strategic guidance on how to increase impact
  • Ready-made resources for parents, students and teachers
  • A dedicated and tailored service
  • No sales talk

A letter from Peter Myers

A letter from Peter Myers at Poole High School on his experience with GCSEPod and the PodUp team.

“What sets GCSEPod apart from their competitors is the simplicity of the premise, quality of production and above all the outstanding customer support.”

Peter Myers, Director of Information Systems, Poole High School

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Your shortcut to maximum progress with lasting impact from your subscription.


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The Team

The PodUp team are your shortcut to maximum progress with lasting impact from your subscription. With years of experience supporting the education sector to embed technology successfully into teaching and learning, our coaches provide guidance and carefully crafted resources throughout your subscription. Your dedicated contact within the PodUp team will help you to drive your progress towards discussed goals and ensure you receive the maximum impact from your investment without adding extra workload on your staff.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lindsay for all the help and support she has given me, not just this year but for quite a while. I have now been responsible for setting up and improving the use of GCSEPod in two linked schools and as a result have need help on many occasions – requests that were often quite unusual and also required much more than a yes or no response. .

Whatever I have asked for the efficient responses have always impressed me and even with one more difficult question Lindsay was willing to go the extra mile getting other people involved until my query was sorted. Lindsay has also been in touch to check everything is ok and if there is anything else she can help with. I can honestly say that she has made using GCSEPod with all the day to day and staffing challenges much easier.”

Ms Frankie Teague, Cheam High school and Oaks Park High school

Alexandra Armstrong
Head of Client Services
Helen Newies
Operations Director
Ellie Tucker
Subscription Services Manager
Kate Storey
Customer Relationship Manager & Engagement Specialist
Natalie Jones
Customer Relationship Manager
Stephen Weatherley
Technical Support & Process Manager
Lindsay Michalowicz
Customer Relationship Manager

“I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with the team at GCSEPod and they are trustworthy, knowledgeable and adaptive.”

Will Smith, CEO, Greenshaw Learning Trust