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Join one of our free webinars for an opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals, have your questions answered by a GCSEPod expert and learn about the best way to make full use of GCSEPod. 

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Exclusive Parent Webinars

Join a GCSEPod webinar and find out how you can use GCSEPod to support your child’s learning plus get tips and guidance on effective home learning practices. 


The webinar was very informative and understandable. Since I attended I’ve showed my son just how powerful a tool GCSEPod is and he’s going full speed now. The section on how to study is brilliant and has really motivated him to have a routine and set goals. Great job!

Nicholas Toogood, Parent

Exclusive Student Webinar

How to Fail, Successfully

Effective Techniques to Succeed with GCSEPod

This webinar will cover:

  • Forgetting – Why do we forget and how does this help us remember?
  • Procrastinating – Should we procrastinate and how does this help us learn?
  • Failing – Is failing bad and how does it help us succeed?

30 mins


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Student Webinars

Join renowned, world-class, youth coach and speaker, Cameron Parker!

Cameron’s mission is to lead the younger generation to success and he has spoken on stages both big and small across the UK and Europe educating and inspiring thousands of young people to level up their lives and upgrade their mindsets.

“My daughter’s school introduced this as part of their remote learning but I really didn’t know where to start. The webinar gave us a great overview to help us get started. Now that I understand how it works,I will be able to set a routine schedule with my child with the relevant subjects and get involved more in the process.”


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