Pupil Premium students at one of our subscribing schools were monitored to see the impact it was really having.

The results showed that those who accessed GCSEPod regularly (7 or more times) achieved 75% 5A*-C including English and Maths, compared to Pupil Premium who did NOT access GCSEPod regularly.

There are lots of other individual students who accessed GCSEPod who have exceeded their target grades. This just shows the impact that GCSEPod has on Pupil Premium student outcomes. GCSEPod has the added advantage of providing the school with advanced monitoring and reporting functionality so that you can easily monitor impact on achievement.

Case studies: Pupil Premium

How to develop independent learning in pupil premium students at St John Fisher Catholic College, Staffordshire
St John Fisher Catholic College looked into the best ways to develop independent learning across their Pupil Premium students. In particular, they wanted to stretch the most able students whilst also developing their use of digital technology. Assistant Head Teacher, Garrett Murray shares his school’s experiences of using GCSEPod to do just that.

Within 3 days of the launch, 80% of our students entitled to Pupil Premium had logged on and accessed Pods. Within 7 days, all Pupil Premium students had logged on. Pupil Premium students who accessed GCSEPod regularly achieved 82% 5A*-C including English and Maths, compared with 23% of Pupil Premium students who did not access it regularly.

Garrett Murray

Assistant Head Teacher, St John Fisher Catholic College

GCSEPod, Pupil Premium and Whole School Benefits at Richmond School, North Yorkshire
Richmond school’s 2016 exams results showed a slight dip in its pupil premium results and the SLT were keen to introduce additional resources to provide further support to these students.  Having listened to a head teacher discuss the positive impact of GCSEPod they decided to take a closer look. Jenna Potter, Deputy Head shares her experiences.

Despite being funded as a learning resource to meet the specific needs of our Pupil Premium students, I quickly recognised its wider benefits too; providing an independent study resource as well as a potential teaching tool. We launched GCSEPod to the whole of year 11 and within days of the launch all of our students had signed up.

Jenna Potter

Deputy Head, Richmond School

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Use your Pupil Premium grant to boost  progress of disadvantaged students whilst providing a resource that will benefit the whole school.  Find out more about how schools in a wide range of contexts are using GCSEPod on our case studies page.

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