Constantly striving to help reduce workload

The UK Department of Education identified the 3 biggest areas that can lead to unnecessary workload are: marking, planning and data management.  We are passionate about how we can help and have developed these valuable features to combat the pressure.

"Not only has GCSEPod reduced our teacher-workload but it has also become one of the best revision aids available to our students.“
Benjamin Atkins, Sunmarke School in Dubai

Reduce workload

“I genuinely admire the product you have made, the impact it has had on our workload and also on the engagement of our students.”

Richard Ward, Assistant Principal, Manor Croft Academy


Check & Challenge

A unique assessment system that not only evaluates students’ knowledge and understanding, but also provides scaffolded support via hints, multiple choice options and feedback statements, to aid actual learning and retention. With a range of question difficulties, including questions designed to challenge even the most able students. It provides teachers with valuable insights into student strengths and weaknesses. Find out more
"This is brilliant, it’s a game changer.”

Dave Nichols, Snaith School

Achieve English and Maths

Achieve Maths and Achieve English are condensed and targeted versions of the English language and maths courses. Covering key skills and knowledge, they are designed specifically for students who need structure and support. The online workbooks are authored by subject experts, using the scaffolded approach of Pod, Quiz, Practice and Apply. They’re broken down into modules and lessons, giving students a route through the course focusing on the essentials needed for a Grade 5. Find out more


ReadySetGo are pre-created assessments to check knowledge and understanding. Created by subject specialists for English, maths and science, they build confidence and identify gaps in knowledge. These assignments encourage students to ‘watch, quiz, practise and apply’ their learning. These assignments are pre-built and ready for you to assign in seconds, saving teacher time to focus on interventions that matter.

Paper to Pods

These guides list all past paper exam questions and the Pods which are relevant. Students can use these guides to easily identify which Pods they should watch, based on the questions where they lost marks in their mock exam. “The new paper to pod guides are absolutely phenomenal! We had our mocks recently, the guides mapped perfectly to the exams and saved me hours’ of work!” Mark Daniels, Balshaws High School

Practice and Apply workbooks

Practice and Apply workbooks accompany the Achieve English and Maths modules. These workbooks allow lower attaining students to build up their confidence in English and maths using the straightforward approach of Quiz, Practice and Apply. Packed full of activities, advice and assessment the Achieve workbooks are an ideal companion aimed at supporting teachers in making up the time they don’t have in the classroom.

Automated intervention

You won't need to use data to find out where intervention is needed. Our Boost Playlists identify knowledge gaps, providing students with a detailed report on their strengths and weaknesses and an automatically generated playlist of content closely matched to their weakest areas. Boost Playlists give students control of their own learning, and give you the clarity to develop precisely focused intervention.

Track and monitor

Track and monitor engagement with the GCSEPod dashboard. It’s visual and user-friendly, but packed with figures and easily exportable information. You can see at a glance what was set, the marks each pupil got, and the average mark for each question and student. You can also see usage data on an individual and group level, making it easy to identify students who may need additional intervention.

Marking and homework

“With GCSEPod the marking is done for me and I am automatically notified of any students who haven’t grasped the learning objective. This tells me how much knowledge each student has, and the areas where they need extra support in a much more meaningful way.” Matthew Everett, Senior Assistant Principal, Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School

Teach outside specialism

Our content is set out clearly, making it easier for you to teach outside of your specialism. Choose the exam boards you teach for each subject, and only the relevant content will be visible. Plan your lessons in seconds, with the confidence that all the content you need is available at your fingertips.

“So many schools have told us of their success with GCSEPod, not just in engaging students but also in building their confidence and interest in the subject. There are huge benefits for students and all without creating more workload for staff.”

Rachel Johnson, Director, PiXL

“With GCSEPod the marking is done for me and I am automatically notified of any students who haven’t grasped the learning objective.”

Matthew Everett, Senior Assistant Principal, Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School