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A student guide to becoming a GCSEPod Ambassador

For Students:
Why do I want to be a GCSEPod Student Ambassador?

Grow your confidence and gain crucial skills for the workplace and/or university as a Student Ambassador!  Opportunities may include:

  • building your confidence and skills in project management as you build a plan to launch GCSEPod
  • developing your public speaking when presenting to and working with your peers
  • enhancing your team working skills when working collaboratively with other Ambassadors in your school
  • practising your teaching skills when training teachers and parents on how to use GCSEPod.

I’ve been made a Student Ambassador, what will I see?

When you login to GCSEPod you will see:

This icon next to your name in the top menu bar.

This icon in your left menu bar.  Clicking this icon takes you to a new section where you can access ready-made resources, an overview of usage stats for groups and years, the Pod Games leader board and the Ambassador forum.  

When clicking the    icon you will see the below screen with everything you need for the role of GCSEPod Student Ambassador.

School Usage

You will see an overview of school usage by subject and can filter by year groups. This is anonymised.

Pod Games

If your school has not previously signed up to Pod Games (GCSEPod’s usage tournament with great prizes) you have the power to do this as Student Ambassador! You can see the league table to find out how your school is doing in comparison to other schools.

Share Best Practice

This area allows Student Ambassadors to share their tips and tricks on how to engage users with GCSEPod. Ideas include hosting parent evening events and form class competitions.


Student Ambassadors can enter their email addresses to receive newsletters with top tips and exclusive resources.


A suite of resources is accessible to all Student Ambassadors to enable them to support and train students, teachers and parents on GCSEPod.