We’re passionate about education and the huge impact GCSEPod can make on student attainment and therefore their future life. However, we are also practical enough to know that not every student and teacher has access to GCSEPod. That’s why we’ve used our in-house design teams to create a raft of brilliant free resources, which you are welcome to use. Enjoy!

Teaching Tips

Mix up your live lessons and give a bit of inspiration for remote learning with our teaching tip cards. Click on the videos below to take a look and then download the pdf for your use. Please feel free to share them with your colleagues. We hope you find them useful.

Pod Perspectives

As we look into an uncertain future, being able to listen and identify with what others are experiencing can help reassure and support us all. In our new podcast series, teachers like you to give their perspective informally and unedited. Listen now.

Top 10 ways to teach remotely with GCSEPod.

Find out why so many schools are using GCSEPod in their blended learning strategies during these difficult times.

Top Tips for Newly Qualified Teachers

NQTs often breathe new life into schools, with their enthusiasm, passion and daring ideas. It is important that we continue to nurture and develop this energy and creativity, in spite of the new restrictions in schools.  Here are some top tips to support them.

The four areas covered will focus on;



This Pod will introduce the key elements of hydration, exercise, sleep and nutrition and how by improving each of these, your body will be able to perform so much better.



This Pod will share how the mind works and the negative influencers and stressors on the brain and how some simple techniques can reduce the potential impact



Understanding how your environment influences who you become, what you believe and do.


Team you

A Pod about creating your plan for change, what actions will work best to manage you and make positive change to your mindset and wellbeing.

Teach them how to learn

Make sure students are making the most of the time they spend learning by teaching them “How to Learn”. These Pods show 3 techniques.


A technique to help you remember more.

Retrieval Practice

Practise bringing information to mind for better results with this technique.

Spaced Practice

Revise, rest, repeat…space out your revision for better results.

Getting ready for GCSEs

Our ‘Getting Ready for GCSEs/IGCSEs’ resources are made up of a collection of activities aimed at supporting pupils to ‘have a go’ at tasks, learning and skills required for KS4.

Getting ready for A-levels

Similar to our GCSE resources, an extra workbook which helps students feel more prepared, focusing on expectations at A Level and new concepts.

Posters & Guides

 Please find below a selection of posters and guides which will help support/advose both staff and students. Please feel free to download them and display them around school with our compliments. To download the poster simply click on the images below.

Can we help your school?

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