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We’re passionate about education and the huge impact GCSEPod can make on student attainment and therefore their future life. However, we are also practical enough to know that not every student and teacher has access to GCSEPod. That’s why we’ve used our in-house design teams to create a raft of brilliant free resources, which you are welcome to use. Enjoy!

If you are already a subscriber? Save yourself time this academic year with our array of brand new Pods and fantastic new resources to support the embedding of GCSEPod into your teaching and learning.

Top Tips for Teaching Boys

 On the back of the fantastic ‘The Truth About Teaching Boys’ article featured in Teach Secondary Magazine, we have pulled together the top tips from the article in this handy resource. Please download it with our compliments.

Supporting students with anxiety

Help your students stay in control with these top tips.

Just 15 minutes a day

If your students spent just 15 minutes extra each school day they will have worked an extra 75 hours of revision by exams.
Display this poster and help them make the most of their dead time like waiting for friends or eating breakfast.

Encourage students to become independent learners

Encourage and enable your students to become self-directed in their learning experiences and have more autonomy and control over their own learning.

Using technology to enhance learning

Today’s student are tech savvy and spending hours a day online. Throughout history textbooks have been a burden to students. They’re heavy, expensive, not good for the environment and quickly out of date. So, why are we still trying to teach them with textbooks when experts predict over 50% of education will be online in the next 10 years!

Using GCSEPod throughout the year

GCSEPod has become an integral part of many schools’ GCSE schemes of learning. With greater functionality than ever before, our platform is the ideal companion for teachers and students looking to close knowledge gaps and make learning accessible, concise and available on the go. If you are a school lead looking to make changes at your school for the new academic year, here are some of the GCSEPod benefits you could be enjoying from September…

Flipped learning guide

Have you tried flipped learning? Whist the flipped classroom may not be for everyone, many that have tried it are reporting huge success. It might be worthwhile to experiment and try flipping a lesson or two to see what happens. You never know – you might just become a convert! Click on the picture below to download it and display it in your staff room for everyone to see.

Help your students to remember more!

Check out this guide to how GCSEPod helps students to remember more.

Help your students to remember more

Click on the posters below to download and save.

Can we help your school?

All types of schools are finding huge GCSE success using GCSEPod.
Prices start from as little as £1 per month per student for 27 subjects, teacher tools and ongoing support. Let us show you how GCSEPod could help reach your school goals.

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